Glimmerglass Festival Guild Contributes $25,000

Glimmerglass Festival Guild
Contributes $25,000

Robert Ainsley, Laura Tansey Wetzel

The Glimmerglass Festival Guild held its Annual Meeting on September 19 at the Farm Credit East, where members of the volunteer organization voted to donate $25,000 to The Glimmerglass Festival, the summer opera and musical theater company known for its innovative productions.

Through volunteer services, community engagement and educational programs, the Guild provides both acts of service and financial support for the world-renowned company. The Guild raises money through the annual gala in August at The Otesaga.

“This past season we had 108 guests at the gala,” Robert Nelson, President of the board of trustees and guild member said. “We had two auctions, and with donations, we were able to raise the $25,000.”

“We are on an upward trend with our guild membership. Through thick and thin, the Guild has been helping in any way they can. It was tough during covid,” Mr. Nelson said.

During the meeting, Glimmerglass Festival Guild Board Chair Laura Tansey Wetzel introduced Robert Ainsley, the new Artistic and General Director of The Glimmerglass Festival. Ainsley succeeds Francesca Zambello, who served in the position since late 2010.

“We are so grateful for this extremely generous donation.

We rely on the passion, generosity of spirit, and hard work of the local supporters and volunteers,” Mr. Ainsley said.

“The Glimmerglass Guild has stalwartly led those efforts over the years through fire, flood and pandemic — in many ways, it is the beating heart of the Festival” he said.

More than 350 members serve on the Glimmerglass Festival Guild, and the group makes a significant annual financial contribution to help meet both general and specific needs.“Through our many programs and initiatives, the Guild works to inspire conversations about opera and musical theater among the membership, support the festival through hospitality services and fund raising, and promote an appreciation and love of the art form within the Cooperstown community,” Ms. Wetzel said.

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