GOAT-ober Festival a Rollicking Success

GOAT-ober Festival
a Rollicking Success

By Vanessa J. Pellegrino
GOAT-oberfest’s yoga session ended with “goat bridges.” (Photo by Emily W.)

It was a beautiful autumn day. The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and the views of the rolling hills filled with shades of reds, yellows, oranges, and greens were breathtaking. Folks were excited to experience the local buzz of Gilbertsville Farmhouse and their infamous goats!

On Sunday, October 9 from 3-6 p.m., more than 70 GOAT-oberfest attendees practiced their yoga, enjoyed the company of 19 baby Nigerian dwarf goats and strolled the farmhouse grounds at 336 Coye Brook Road, South New Berlin, owned by Sharon and Aldo Boustani.

While sitting in a chandelier-lit barn on a yoga mat, the goat yoga instructor told us that it was totally okay to get lost in the presence of adorable baby goats, to have fun, be present, and to go with the flow!

She walked in, “Release the goats!” and, within a few deep breaths, the goats appeared dressed in adorable October-themed outfits. The class roared with laughter while the goats jumped and played and assisted everyone in their yoga sequencing. We ended the class with “goat bridges,” as people came forward onto all fours and created a bridge with their bodies while the goats walked up and down their backs.

After goat yoga class, folks got to taste our local favorites—Awestruck Cider and Tickled Pink BBQ—enjoy home-baked goods by Theo, try on the softest sweatshirts out of the bed of a vintage truck, all while enjoying the warmth of an outdoor bonfire.

Once everyone’s bellies were filled and hearts were brimming with goat love, visitors got to tour the grounds of Gilbertsville Farmhouse on a hay wagon. Folks saw the one-of-a-kind glamping tents, enjoyed views of the rolling hills of Otsego County, met the other barn animals, saw the hammock park and ended their tour with a pumpkin patch hidden in the woods.

GOAT-oberfest is a yearly tradition here at NY Goat Yoga. It’s a neat opportunity to share with everyone our home, Gilbertsville Farmhouse!

Vanessa J. Pellegrino manages goats and people, among other duties, at NY Goat Yoga.

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