GOP Chief Barnstorms Locally On Election Eve


GOP Chief Barnstorms

Locally On Election Eve

With four days to go until Election Day for federal and state offices, state Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy stopped in Cooperstown this morning to rally the local party faithful on the first stop of a Central New York tour. He decried “AOC Wannabes” and the state’s leftward shift, raising concerns about bail reform and plans to give illegal residents the right to vote. He was joined by the local GOP ticket (inset, right), led by state Senate candidate Peter Oberacker (center); from left are Assembly incubents John Salka, whose district includes Oneonta, Cooperstown and Richfield Springs; Chris Tague, who represents Cherry Valley, Roseboom, Decatur and Worcester, and Brian Miller, Springfield, Middlefield, Westford and Maryland. At lower right is Ryan Van De Water, the Republican lawyer from Poughkeepsie who’s challenging Congressman Antonio Delgado, D-19. The contingent continued on to Oneida County.  Flanking him are county Rep. Dan Wilber, Burlington, a former member of the famed Thunderbirds (note cap), and Bobby Walker, CCS grad now completing his degree at SUNY Albany. (Jim Kevlin/

2 thoughts on “GOP Chief Barnstorms Locally On Election Eve

  1. Bryan LoRusso

    Nice photo op! I wonder why there was no announcement of their visit? Let’s connect the dots here. The article mentions Bobby Walker. He happens to be one of the racist establishment mentioned in my last response to All Otsego’s article who spoke disgustingly of Ola Hawatmeh long before the Primaries – ENDORSEMENT :DelGado Invincible, Earns Second Term in Congress. Glad you brought him up! He also happens to be part of the Republican Otsego County Chairman’s consulting firm, The Casale Group, who happens to be on Kyle’s payroll according to FEC Filings (public record). Interestingly enough, Mr. Langworthy, whom in my opinion at best is a RINO, just tapped Tony Casale to be on the State Board of Elections and Governor Cuomo recently signed off on that appointment. So let’s get this straight. The Republican Committee in NY District 19 works harder at destroying the anti-AOC female, Ola Hawatmeh, for a placeholder to run against DelGado (Kyle Van De Water). Van De Water runs a pathetic, at best, campaign against DelGado not even giving the Republicans a chance to take the seat back. Then, Nick Langworthy taps the Republican Party Otsego County Chairman’s father for the State Board of Election’s seat where Governor Cuomo signs off. The author of this article just pointed out in his previous article (ENDORSEMENT: DelGado Invincible, Earns Second Term in Congress), DelGado’s future political aspirations. So DelGado keeps his seat for another two years, until he is ready to move on, Tony Casale gets his appointment, Otsego County Republican Committee does nothing, as the author of this article so eloquently points out, in terms of campaigning for Van De Water. That’s why you don’t see signs for Van De Water, and the Democrats continue to hold their District 19 Seat for 2 more years. Looking forward, it will be interesting to see what position Van De Water takes after his epic loss to DelGado. My guess would be a judgeship. This all may be coincidence, but let me ask, when the Republican constituents in the district literally force Van De Water off his back porch to start campaigning against the Democratic machine via Social Media – why did Van De Water tell conservatives in his video to write his name on the Conservative line (Van De Water is NOT ON THE CONSERVATIVE LINE)? That will get your vote, at a minimum, thrown out for the Republicans, further ensuring a DelGado win. Van de Water’s misleading instructions to people in his video (YOUTUBE: Interview with Kyle Van De Water, Congressional Candidate for NY 19 District, first 13 seconds of the video say it all, has not only put our vote in jeopardy for NY 19, he has put ALL THE REPUBLICAN votes in jeopardy – including our President based on ballot instructions. In my opinion, a brilliant insurance plan for DelGado’s camp to protest and get ballots thrown out on election. Did I mention, Nick Langworthy tapping Mike Molinaro in December 2019 to run for District 19 against DelGado, but unfortunately, Molinaro had recently taken his current position and decided to finish out his term? Once again, it certainly looks as if Van De Water is a placeholder for the time being, until Molinaro finishes up his term, December 2021. Just in time to start his NY 19 race and allowing Del Gado to move on comfortably with his up and coming political aspirations as the author pointed out in his last piece about DelGado (ENDORSEMENT: DelGado Invincible, Earns Second Term in Congress). What I have seen during this election cycle is we the people have nothing to do with our candidates. We are electing consulting firms and back room deals. Hundreds of thousands people in District 19 and millions across NYS are being sold a bill of goods by a handful of people. Whether you are Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independent, or Libertarian it is time to open your eyes! We are being pinned against one another for a few individual’s personal gain. Please consider sending a message, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH, and write-in Ola Hawatmeh for District 19. This will not stop until we, THE PEOPLE, stop it.

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