Guru, Followers Mark Retreat House’s 10th


Guru, Followers Mark

Retreat House’s 10th

Phakchok Rinpoche, the direct descendant of Taklung Kagyu, founder of Tibetan Buddhism, ministers to his followers this afternoon at his Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Meditation Center on Glimmerglen Road, outside of Cooperstown, at an open house marking the 10th anniversary of the retreat house’s founding.  The guru’s wife, Khandrola, is to his right; translator Oriane LaVole, to his left. The weekend-long celebration included local followers, as well as Tibetans from a center in Brooklyn. Today’s open house also featured a buffet of Tibetan specialities, including momos, inset photo – meat, onion and garlic dumplings considered a delicacy in the Himalayan country – according to Doris Motta, one of the retreat house managers. The guru, who has visited once or twice annually over the past decade, plans to be here for three weeks. (Jim Kevlin/

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