Hartwick College Students Paint Positivity On Wall

Hartwick College Students

Paint Positivity On Wall

Philip Ojedor, left, and Chesachi Chisomaga paint “We (Heart)wick Students” on the wall at West and Center streets as part of a virtual Admitted Students Day next weekend. Beth Steele, who was overseeing the project and making sure people kept the mandated six-foot separation, said  “We painted this message to show our students that we miss them.” said Beth Steele, marketing and communications, who was on hand to make sure everyone stayed six feet apart.  “It’s hard to be separated in a community this size.” With events for Admitted Students Day, scheduled for next Saturday, placed on hold, the college is planning on a virtual edition of the event, of which the wall and a time lapse video of it’s creation will be featured. “We will put it on our website and put it out on social media.” said Steele, “This gives the students a sense of who we are as a community.” (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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