Heidi Bond Named Citizen Of The Year


Heidi Bond Named

Citizen Of The Year

Heidi Bond, who led Otsego County’s fight against COVID-19, has been named Citizen of the Year by Hometown Oneonta, The Freeman’s Journal and www.AllOTSEGO.com. Get the full story in either newspaper, which are being delivered now and will be available on newsstands throughout Otsego County by the end of the afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Heidi Bond Named Citizen Of The Year

  1. aviva330@gmail.com

    At a time when guidance and leadership in the fight against COVID-19 has been weak and appalling at the national level, Heidi Bond has been a shining star in Otsego County. Her leadership has been steady and even, seemingly unflappable in the face of an ever changing pandemic. She richly deserves this honor and county residents are lucky to have her guiding the county response. Thank you so much!

  2. C Secoolish

    That’s great that she did what was expected of her, but a person of real merit would do some actual research on health/ public health and stand up against the recommendations, which any honest doctor or scientist would tell you, negatively impact health. If businesses had no restrictions, there would be more money flowing into the county than she is making by covid kickbacks and fining individuals who host a fraction of people outdoors than Walmart, Lowes, or Bassett host in any given hour. She demonstrated she can follow and enforce rules, and I’m sure she is a nice woman, but I’d rather see someone who stands up for what is right get that award.

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