MOWERS: Holleran Wants Oneontans Running Their Own Town


Holleran Wants Oneontans

Running Their Own Town

To the Editor:

As expected of me, I am going to tell it like it is!

In my almost three years serving on the Oneonta Town Board, I can assure you that Brett Holleran is by far the right candidate for the job of town board member.

Never, ever would he allow outside special-interest groups to enter town hall and take over the meeting! Others have let this happen and it’s not how he operates.

Brett has served the town since 2011, and has only focused on town residents’ interests.

Brett was born and raised in Oneonta. Local townie all his life. Didn’t roll in here from somewhere else and then try to change everything. I have a lot of respect for that.

Brett’s raising his family here and operating a business in the town, no less. Brett has also been a high school/middle school teacher for the last 24 years.

Please let Brett Holleran continue to use his experience, continue to be invested and continue to be involved in (your special interests) by reelecting Brett Holleran on Nov. 5.

Town Board member

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