Hometown History 12-09-21

Hometown History

110 Years Ago

At about 8:30 o’clock last Thursday evening, while a double rig from the livery of Dr. Hamilton at Delhi was being driven from that village to Oneonta, the wagon was struck by a light engine at the Ulster & Delaware crossing between Sherman Lake and West Davenport. Both horses were killed and the wagon entirely demolished. All three occupants of the wagon, Emery Young of Calicoon, Henry Young of Scranton, and Carl Bartholomew of Delhi,
were injured. Emery Young sustained a fractured skull, and though the men were at once taken on the engine and hurried to Oneonta, he died at about 9 o’clock as he was being lifted from the ambulance. Bartholomew was
badly bruised, but his injuries were not serious. Henry Young, who was hurled nearly 40 feet on impact, though painfully bruised, was able to be about the city the next morning. The engine was apparently running rapidly as portions of the demolished vehicle were carried more than fifty rods from the crossing.
December 1911

90 Years Ago

At a hearing before Justice of the Peace J.A. Thomson at Delhi, Henry J. Moore, 20 years old of Colliers was found guilty of petit larceny Tuesday in the theft of three turkeys. Moore was fined $5 and given a 10-day jail sentence which was suspended. On the night of October 19, Moore and Hewitt Scudder, also of Colliers, went to the farm of Aaron Burman to buy three turkeys. Burman caught the three birds for Moore and told him the price was $16.95. Moore said that his money was out in the car. The turkeys were placed in the car and Moore and Scudder drove off without paying. Burman called to his hired man Burton Lathrop and the two gave chase in Burman’s truck. Burman managed to get ahead of Moore and forced him to stop. Moore got out of the car and started to fight, but Burman overpowered him and held him prisoner until Undersheriff Channing Garrison arrived and placed Moore under arrest. Moore, a former employee of Burman’s, claimed Burman owed him $18 in back wages.
December 1931

30 Years Ago

SUNY College at Oneonta faculty, staff and students are worried about possible N.Y. State education budget cuts and the negative impact the reductions will have on students. “Lots of us are genuinely concerned about the well-being of our students,” said Michael H. Siegel, psychology professor. “Doing more with less is a great slogan, but it doesn’t lead to happy people.” The college has been warned to expect cuts up to15 percent for the next fiscal year.
December 1991

20 Years Ago

Oneonta Susquehanna Greenway volunteers intend to make the nature trail more user-friendly. A parking lot and directional signs have been built to go along with the two-mile section of trail that loops around the Oneonta Transfer Station, near State Hwy. 205. The trail was blazed this spring by volunteers as the first phase in the development of a proposed six-mile-long, multi-use path extending from State Hwy. 205 to New Island.
December 2001

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