July 3, 2020

150 Years Ago

Wanted to Know!!! The whereabouts of a man who came to Oneonta and purchased a sewing machine on December 18, 1868, giving his note for it, and calling himself J.E. Wentworth, and claimed to reside four miles east of East Davenport, over east of Rattlesnake Hill. He was about five feet, nine inches in height, weighed about 175 pounds, was dark complexion, had dark eyes and dark whiskers, and was about 35 or 40 years of age. He drove a pair of medium-sized horses; the off one being brown and the near one bay. $100 reward will be paid for any information leading to the finding of this man, by leaving same at the Post Office in Oneonta, or at Russell Crego & Son, 564 Broadway in Albany N.Y.

July 1870

125 Years Ago

Of interest to some Otsego County farmers – The flurry in the European horse market has opened the eyes of American horsemen. The value of horses weighing from 1,000 to 1,400 pounds has advanced 20 percent. European buyers are continually arriving and are making large purchases. Of course, fast horses have been exported in great numbers during the past year, but the draft horse now receives attention, Men like Mr. H.L. Wardwell have done a good thing in introducing some of the best horses into this county.
J.W. Chamberlain, formerly of Oneonta, shot himself and his mistress in Norwich on Monday last. The man fell dead. The woman may recover.

July 1895

100 Years Ago

Local – Rattlesnake in Park. Thursday afternoon, while John O’Brien was walking through Neahwa Park, he came upon a large rattlesnake in the grass near the road. Picking up a stick, he dispatched the snake with a couple of well-directed blows. With the assistance of Vincent Martucci, O’Brien carried the snake through the business streets and attracted considerable attention. Later the reptile was put on exhibition in the show window of the New York State Gas and Electric Corporation and later removed to Shippey’s Cigar store on Broad Street. The reptile measures five feet, three inches in length and, as it has eight rattles, this would indicate it is 13 years old, as it is said the snakes do not begin to grow rattles till they are 5 years old. A year ago a sideshow with one of the carnivals showing in the park reported that a rattlesnake was missing and they were unable to find it. It is thought that the reptile had been making its home in the park ever since. O’Brien, whose home is at 8 Liberty Street, says he intends to convert Mr. Rattler into a belt for his personal use.

July 1920

60 Years Ago

A 33-year-old Middlefield farmer, Arthur A. Wannamaker pleaded guilty to a charge of first degree grand larceny in County Court here, appearing before Judge Frederick W. Loomis. Wannamaker was charged with holding up the Upstate Loan Company in Oneonta last March 29. He was captured by Oneonta City Police within minutes after he brandished a gun on a cashier and made off with an estimated $1,400 in cash.
Advertisement – Wee Toy and Miniature Fox Terriers at Nabob Kennels, Route 205, Oneonta, New York. Open Evenings and Sundays. Phone Oneonta GE 2-2031 weekdays. Phone Oneonta GE 2-2818 Nights, Sundays.
Neil H. Burton, aged 34 of Oneonta, was injured critically in a near head-on crash Thursday night while enroute to the bedside of his wife who had undergone surgery at Albany hospital. He suffered a fractured skull and other injuries in the collision which occurred about 9:27 p.m. on Route 7 at Worcester, His condition at Fox Memorial hospital remains critical. Mr. Burton is a June graduate of the State University College of Education in Oneonta. He is also a past president of Oneonta Aerie 1250 Fraternal Order of Eagles. Driver of the second car in the crash was William S. Mattice, aged 50, of Worcester. State Police said Mr. Burton, who was driving a 1959 Rambler owned by Hinman Motors of Oneonta, was eastbound while Mattice was headed in the opposite direction. Mr. Burton is a 1944 graduate of Oneonta high school and was employed as a lifeguard at Gilbert Lake State Park near Laurens.

July 1960

40 Years Ago

Planned Parenthood Produces Videotape About Sexuality – “Do You Hear Me? – Four Moments Between Mothers and Daughters” is a 15-minute color and sound videotape produced by Planned Parenthood Association of Delaware and Otsego counties and by the Evelyn R. Hodgdon Instructional Resources Center of the State University College at Oneonta. The production was made possible by a grant from the Dewar Fund of the St. James Episcopal Church of Oneonta.” Do You Hear Me” was developed by the Teen Outreach Program and Education Department of Planned Parenthood as part of a one-day workshop on communication about sexuality with a focus on obstacles to communication within the family and the concerns of early adolescents 12 to15 years of age.

July 1980

30 Years Ago

Supporters of retaining a County Administrator Speak Out: The League of Women Voters for Oneonta and Cooperstown Areas issued a joint statement in support of a county administrator, after conducting separate studies of county government. The Cooperstown League report noted in its study of how the county operates: “Because you must spend so much time on detail, we observe that you are often forced to react to problems rather than anticipate them. Your time for looking ahead and setting policy becomes limited.” The joint statement favored a non-political appointee of the board thus freeing the board for policy and long-range planning.

July 1990

10 Years Ago

All of a sudden, assisted living is nothing new. In much of the nation, it’s been around for 50 years. And, with the opening of the Heritage at the Plains at Parish Homestead, it’s in Otsego County. Plains patio homes – independent living – have been open for two years now, but the Heritage apartments has just begun renting its 64 independent-living apartments and 44 assisted- living apartments. Also a first – the complex includes 16 secure Memory Care units for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

July 2010

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