HOMETOWN History May 22, 2020


May 22, 2020

135 Years Ago

Why We Go To Church – Some go to church to weep; others go to sleep. Some go their wives to please; their conscience others go to ease. Some go to hear the preacher; others like the solo screecher. Boys go to reconnoiter; girls go because they oughter. Many go for sage reflections;
precious few to help collections.
Two perfect rings around the sun at Noon on Wednesday, which when looked at through a dark glass presented nearly all the colors of the rainbow, attracted considerable attention. The coronae were more perfect than are usually seen in this locality. A sun-dog was also plainly visible between the two circles. Altogether the sight was quite remarkable.

May 1885

130 Years Ago

The Local News – About 200 dogs have been registered in the Town Clerk’s office in compliance with the provisions of the new state law.
Shooting at the rifle range on the Odell Brown farm began Wednesday.
Preparations are making for the fine new residence of George B. Baird at the corner of Chestnut and Church Streets. The dwelling will cost about $20,000.
The dynamo placed in Auburn prison for the first electrical execution is the machine formerly in use in the Oneonta electric light company’s plant. It is a Westinghouse machine, designed to supply 650 lights. The execution of the murderer Kemmler, who was to have died by electricity in Auburn prison this week, was stayed yesterday by virtue of a writ of habeas corpus issued by Judge Wallace of the United States Circuit Court on the application of Roger M. Sherman. The application on which the writ was granted and Kemmler’s life was spared, for a time, was made in order to determine whether the proposed killing by electricity is in violation of the Eighth and Fourteenth amendments of the Constitution of the United States.

May 1890

110 Years Ago

Halley’s Comet, cynosure for weeks of human eyes, has swept between the earth and sun and, receding into space, has made its nearest approach to our planet. Though by mathematical calculation astronomers announced long ago that the tail of the heaven-wanderer would impudently switch across the face of the earth, nothing really happened to disquiet anybody. The night was uneventful, and mankind awoke this morning to renew the rounds of human activity, assured that for 75 years at least, Halley’s Comet was not to be the cause of earth’s undoing. The chief glory of Halley’s Comet is not in the orb itself, but in the manifestation which it gives of the powers of the human mind. Brilliant it is and wonderful – but more wonderful is the intellect which traces its way through space, which measures the comet’s course beyond the telescope’s multiplied vision and foretells to a day the date of its return. Surely that the greatest – the God-given power to see, to compute and to foretell what through the world’s long early ages it had never entered into the mind of anyone to observe, to reckon, or to predict.

May 1910

50 Years Ago

Although education is far and away the most costly item of local government in Otsego County, the other public expenditures add up to a sizable figure. They include outlays for such services as roads and highways, police protection, health, public welfare, sewerage, water supply, and general administration and maintenance, among others. According to the latest figures, the annual cost for such services amounts to $136.84 per capita for residents of Otsego County.
Five years ago, by comparison, the cost of these services per capita amounted to $112.56. The average outlay for local services across the United States averages $156.22 per capita. However, local services across the state of New York average $280.94 per capita. Of the current $136.84 per capita outlay, some $53.45 is estimated as the amount spent for construction and maintenance of highways, exclusive of interest on debt. Across the country the average is $23.05 per capita.

May 1970

30 Years Ago

The board of directors for the United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties, Inc. has announced the appointment of officers and new directors. Chairperson for the 1991fund drive will be Dr. Alan Donovan President of S.U.N.Y at Oneonta. His appointment to chairperson follows the conclusion of a fund drive that raised more than $223,000 for service agencies in Delaware and Otsego counties. Steven Amell, vice-president and regional area manager for Key Bank will serve with Dr. Donovan as co-chair for the fund raising drive. Erna McReynolds, financial consultant with Shearson, Lehman, Hutton, was elected president of the United Way Board of Directors.

May 1990

20 Years Ago

The Safe Kids Coalition of Otsego County and Scoville-Meno Honda have planned their third annual Child Safety Awareness Day for Saturday, May 20, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Honda Dealership on Oneida Street in Oneonta. Child Safety Awareness Day is a way for families to get a variety of free child health and safety information and services in a fun-filled setting.

May 2000

15 Years Ago

Mike Connolly, Oneonta native and Oneonta high school graduate, struck out four and walked one in six innings Sunday to lead the Altoona Curve to a 6-2 Eastern League victory over the Binghamton Mets at NYSEG Stadium. Connolly allowed two runs, both earned and eight hits before leaving the Double A minor league game with the 6-2 lead. “I’m throwing real well right now – can’t complain,” Connolly said. “I just go out and pitch and do the best I can.” Connolly is now in his sixth season in professional baseball. The Pittsburgh Pirates, Altoona’s parent club, selected Connolly in the 19th round of the 2000
major league baseball draft. Connolly’s record is now 3-3 with a 3.33 ERA.

May 2005


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