Kittens Left At Fox Hospital Making Full Recovery

Kittens Left At Fox Hospital

Making Full Recovery

The Susquehanna Animal Shelter received an unexpected gift yesterday when 19 kittens, ranging in age from three weeks old to three days old, were found in a bathroom in A.O. Fox Hospital in Oneonta. According to Susquehanna Animal Shelter Executive Director Stacie Haynes, the kittens were found in a plastic bag in a hospital bathroom. Susquehanna Animal Shelter employee Becca Daly has taken over the task of caring for the five youngest kittens, who are believed to be only a few days old. Out of the 19 kittens found at the hospital, 14 have been placed in foster homes to be cared for, while the five youngest, who have yet to even open their eyes, are staying at the shelter to be looked after. A three year old cat at the shelter, Filamena, has thankfully begun nursing the kittens, which is a positive step in the right direction. Daly explained that the kittens would remain in the shelter for at least another eight weeks before they would be available for adoption. (Parker Fish/

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  1. Susan Ploutz

    Our county desperately needs financial backing for county shelters. Please attend the June 6th Board meeting,10 am, to request emergency funds for this initiative. Our shelters cannot absorb this burden, again and again. There must be local governmental reponsibility.

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