Lord: Zamelis Piece Buried Last Week

Letter from Paul Lord

Zamelis Piece Buried Last Week

Please help me here. I want to thank you for publishing lawyer Zamelis’ letter in the March 16 edition of “The Freeman’s Journal,” but I also want to understand why that news, if it is true, was buried on page 8.

It appears Zamelis’ story is the most important local news found in that edition of “The Freeman’s Journal.”

Why is there no mention of the story on page 1? Will “The Freeman’s Journal” investigate Zamelis’ claims? Why was there no comment in the editorial pages? Will an editorial be forthcoming? Do we need to wait for this summer’s hazardous algae blooms to focus our attention on this story, which casts negative light on local government, institutions, and entities? Please help me understand newspaper’s role in this story. Thank you.

Paul H. Lord
LtCol, USMC (Ret)

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