MALAVET: Previous Letter Was ‘Ill-Informed’

Letter from Elizabeth Malavet

Previous Letter
Was ‘Ill-Informed’

In response to Steve Broe’s letter in the February 16, 2023 edition of “The Freeman’s Journal” concerning COVID policies:

I find the letter both condescending and ill-informed. There are many people who have preexisting conditions that have nothing to do with slim waistlines and fruit consumption. I had Lyme disease 25 years ago—it left me with fibromyalgia, chronic migraines and some brain fogginess. I had to have both knees replaced this past October—yes, perhaps some of that issue was caused by weight, but some of it was also caused by the previous Lyme.

I wonder if Mr. Broe has looked at the conditions that can be caused by “long COVID”: persistent symptoms often include brain fog, fatigue, headaches, dizziness and shortness of breath, among others. Perhaps he is willing to risk those, but I have more than enough on my plate already.

Elizabeth Malavet
Van Hornesville

Read Mr. Broe’s letter here:

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