Northrup: Short-term Rentals Should Be Limited

Letter from Chip Northrup

Short-term Rentals Should Be Limited

There are short-term rental permits at 25 single-family houses in the Village of Cooperstown. Some were grandfathered when the village began issuing such permits in 2018. Some are exemplary applications of the ordinance—the owners are renting a garage apartment or other auxiliary dwelling unit that might otherwise go unused. Where the short-term rental is incidental to the family’s use and occupancy of the property. Where the building is not turned into a rooming house in disguise.

My family had a garage apartment when I was growing up. It was occasionally used as a short-term rental when my parents threw me out of the house. Both our sons lived in garage apartments under similar circumstances. When properly permitted, short-term rentals fill a need in the village. There is certainly nothing intrinsically wrong with them. After all, Jesus was born in a short-term rental.

But as long as the village is in need of affordable housing, it would be better for the Zoning Board to limit the number of short-term rentals by way of encouraging long-term rentals. If a garage apartment can be rented short term, it can be rented long term. Until an errant son is thrown out of the main house.

Chip Northrup

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