NORTHRUP: Want To Cut Loose? Try Las Vegas


Want To Cut Loose?

Try  Las Vegas

To the Editor:

While Otsego County may be in the same Upstate region as Utica, the risk of re-opening Otsego County too soon is far greater than it would be for Utica.

Otsego County, particularly Cooperstown, is an international tourist destination; Utica, not so much.

While I am all for cautiously re-opening Otsego County, if the tourist industry were allowed to reopen in full, the relatively low number of local cases could balloon with the influx of tourists from all over the world, including from areas where the contagion is much more prevalent than it is in Otsego County.

That would swamp the local health care system.

Would advise against trying to re-enact Mardi Gras in Cooperstown.

If people want to have fun, get sick, lose their money, inject Clorox and die, they can always go to Las Vegas.

Until there is adequate screening, a vaccine, and a cure, job one is to not get sick.


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