On The Mend, Rescued Puppies At Cider Run


On The Mend, Rescued

Puppies At Cider Run

At this morning’s annual Cider Run in Fly Creek, Oneonta’s Becca Daly, a Susquehanna Animal Shelter staffer, tickles Penelope, one of the nine dogs among the 101 animals rescued from a Garrattsville farm last weekend.  Also on hand at the SAS fundraiser was Lucy, another of the Collie mix canines being housed at the shelter until charges of torture and injury to animals against the farm’s owners are resolved.  At right, three Oneontans, Tom Slicer, Wayne Allen II and Brandon Gardner lead off the 10K event, which is hosted by the Fly Creek Cider Mill.  SAS Director Stacie Haynes said the crowd could have been a record — both the parking lots on Route 26 and across from the cider mill were filled — but the full count wasn’t in yet.  (Jim Kevlin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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