Suspect Beats Up 2 Women Officers

Suspect Beats Up

2 Women Officers

Oneonta Man Charged With Assault

Cameras in the Oneonta Police Station caught footage of Zachary Kaplan, left, allegedly attacking Officer Amanda Catapano after he allegedly slipped out of his handcuffs following his arrest for an alleged domestic incident.

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

ONEONTA – A man arrested during a domestic dispute then slipped his handcuffs and attacked two female police officers inside the Oneonta Police Station, Police Chief Doug Brenner reported today.

Zachary M. Kaplan, 29, was arrested by Officers Kristen LaPointe and Amanda Catapano following a call that he was violating an order of protection, said Brenner. “He gave them no problems at the scene, put his hands behind his back and got in the patrol car,” the chief said.

Then, according to Brenner:

• When they reached the police station, Kaplan refused to get out of the cruiser and when the officers were able to get him out, he continued to resist arrest.

• At some point, the suspect managed to get one hand free of the cuffs and pulled LaPointe to the ground.

• Catapano attempted to use her taser to stun him, but was unable to get a good hold, and Kaplan punched Catapano in the face.

• LaPointe then tased Kaplan and the two officers got the suspect under control.

Both Catapano and Kaplan were transported to Fox Hospital; she was released with minor swelling to her face, he was kept at the hospital for additional treatment after pre-existing conditions were discovered.

Kaplan was charged with the felonies of escape and assault in the second degree, as well as the misdemeanors of resisting arrest and obstruction of government administration.

Additionally, he was charged with criminal contempt, first degree, criminal contempt, second degree, harassment, criminal mischief, obstruction of breathing and endangering the welfare of a child.

On July 4, 2018, Kaplan allegedly attacked Chief Brenner in Neahwa Park after Brenner attempted to assist him after seeing that Kaplan injured himself while intoxicated.

5 thoughts on “Suspect Beats Up 2 Women Officers

  1. John Dinneen

    Your “headline” is once again misleading. The suspect did not “beat up” two police officers – in fact he injured one while he was being subdued after attempting an escape and resisting arrest. It sounds like the officers used the force necessary to bring the suspect back under control. Further, the fact that the two officers are female has NO bearing on the story, they are Oneonta Police Officers. Your headline sounds like some throw back to the 60’s.

  2. Clayton

    Put his picture up so he can get what he deserves from public. WE THANK ALL OFFICES AND FIRST RESPONDERS. WE HAVE YOUR BACK!!! God Bless you all FOR PUTTING YOUR LIVES ON THE LINE, even for assholes like this guy🙏❤️

  3. Karen Dowell

    I am not condoning the suspects behavior but let’s not post his picture so he “gets what he deserves”. Despite what the liberal left-wing nuts like Clayton want to believe, we are still innocent until proven guilty, in a court of law, not by public opinion. Even then, retaliatory actions are just as bad as what allegedly happened. I am thankful for the police and all they do, it is not an easy job. That said, pointing out that they are women negates the fact that they are police officers and are trained just like men. If there is a chance that the handcuffs can come off, then why weren’t they tighter? Until fact are proven, people should keep their small minded selves off of the internet and refrain from commenting on things they aren’t sure of.

  4. Robert Lamb

    John Dinneen is spot on. These courageous women are just as well trained and capable as their male co-workers. Would they have said “Suspect beats up two male cops”? One punch does not constitute a “beating”. Support the Blue line.

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