Oneonta Woman Sues Dollar General Over Inaccessibility

Oneonta Woman Files

Lawsuit Against Dollar General

The Dollar General on Chestnut Street in Oneonta is being sued for inaccessibility. (Ian Austin/

ONEONTA – Citing too-narrow aisles blocked by merchandise and ramps that are often blocked, Jennifer Rossman, a wheelchair user, has joined with Disability Rights New York to file a class action lawsuit against Dollar General for failing to make their New York stores accessible to people with mobility disabilities.

“When your stores are inaccessible, it is not just a bad business decision, it is against the law,” said Tim Clune, DRNY Exec. Dir.

According to the filings, on or about June 3, 2017, Rossman visited Dollar General Store #10652, (“Store #10652”) located at 76 Chestnut St. in Oneonta and found that she could not navigate in her wheelchair around the store because there was merchandise stacked on the floor and in the aisles, large stocking carts blocking aisles, cardboard merchandise displays blocking or narrowing the aisle pathway, and items arranged outside the store which blocked the curb ramp from the parking lot to the entrance.

On July 18, DRNY sent a letter to Dollar General advising them of Rossman’s complaint, and on Aug. 8, Dollar General assured them that the aisles would be cleared and that employees would be reminded not to let aisles become blocked while the store was opened. They also assured that the curb cut would be left clear to improve store accessibility.

However, according to the filings, Rossman went to the store again on or about Oct. 13 and found that she continued to encounter physical impediments and obstacles, and claims the store continues to be inaccessible. DRNY found similar problems in 75 other New York Dollar General stores.

“Without injunctive relief, Defendants continue to discriminate against Plaintiff and individuals similarly situated by denying individuals who use mobility devices equal access to Dollar General stores, in violation of the ADA and New York State law,” the complaint read.

Wheelchair access should be available in every area not only in-store but outside as well. Stores like this who still are lacking in wheelchair accessibility throughout the aisles can look at websites like Terry Lifts and see what various disability add-ons they could utilize in all areas of their store especially if it is more than one floor.


Read The Class Action Suit Here

4 thoughts on “Oneonta Woman Sues Dollar General Over Inaccessibility

  1. Nadine Rody

    It’s not only a problem where she lives but the Dollar General Store near me went down hill as there was a big broom in one of the isles & a big spill in another. Dollar General Stores suck real big. Also some of the managers were real mean to me.

  2. Georgia Osman

    Almost all Dollar General stores is inaccessible not only by boxes these store employees don’t have time to put up because they are understaffed or some lazy . It is cluttered by different merchandise racks they put up every place . Also their doors are not accessible for people with wheelchairs at least some in Indpls Indiana are this way .

  3. Linda

    Dollar General is notorious for having Crap in every aisle, not just in New York. This is the south and I’ve asked the manager’s “why must they do this?” But to no avail, they make excuses and keep doing it. I have picture’s you wouldn’t believe.

  4. pat ostrander

    The Oneonta, NY Store on Chestnut St is a dangerous fire Hazzard as well as inaccessible to anyone handicapped, its dangerous inside and out, if a fire broke out for sure one or more people would be injured if not killed its an arsonists dream, no way can a wheel chair or mobility scooter access the isles, obviously code enforcement is not inspecting the store at all, guessing they are getting paid off.

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