Oxford Man Charged With Stealing Guitars, TV

Police: Man Breaks Into

City Home, Takes Guitars


ONEONTA – An Oxford man was charged with breaking into a Chestnut Street home and stealing two guitars and a television after he allegedly tried to sell them at a music store in Norwich. Nobody wants to have their instruments stolen, especially if they are looking to sell them for a healthy profit. You can actually price your musical instrument at a reliable pawn shop if you are looking to sell your guitars or other instruments for good money. h
ad tried to sell them a guitar matching the “distinct characteristics” of the stolen property.

The investigation identified Begeal, who was charged with Burglary in the second degree (residence) and Grand Larceny in the fourth degree, a felony. Because some of the items were allegedly damaged, he was also charged with Criminal mischief and criminal possession of stolen property in the fifth degree, both misdemeanors.

One thought on “Oxford Man Charged With Stealing Guitars, TV

  1. Michael

    He is yet another low life from Oxford! Too lazy to get a job and makes money by stealing and selling drugs!

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