Police: Investigation Ongoing In SUNY Student Death

Police: Drug Mixture May

Have Led To Student’s Death

ONEONTA – Preliminary results have revealed that “multiple drugs,” including amphetamines and benzodiazepines, were found in Daniel William Michaels’ system as Oneonta Police continue to investigate the death of the 18 year old SUNY Oneonta student.

On Saturday, Dec. 2 at 12:05 a.m., police received a call for assistance at an apartment at 34 Academy Street. “Some students were looking for a friend at that house and when they went in, they saw Michaels unconscious on the sofa,” said Police Chief Doug Brenner. “They couldn’t wake him up, so alerted someone living in the house and called the police.”

Before police could arrive, Michaels was transported by private vehicle to Fox Hospital. “We were informed that he had gone into cardiac arrest at the hospital and subsequently died,” said Brenner. “We immediately launched an investigation.”

Though the cause of death is still undetermined, preliminary results from the autopsy conducted at Lordes Hospital in Binghamton show multiple drugs in his system, as well as a BAC of less than .08, less than the legal definition of intoxication.

“We’re looking into where the substances came from and whether or not he took the drugs willingly or by accident,” said Brenner. “There were only two people at the house at the time of his death.”

The investigation is ongoing, and police are still conducting interviews. “As much as people complain about students, they’re still a part of our community, and it’s tragic to lose an 18 year old,” said Brenner. “I feel really bad for his family and for everyone involved.”

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