Pomp & Pizazz At OPA Drag Show

Pomp & Pizzazz

At OPA Drag Show

With thumping music and flashing lights, Opal Essence, Albany, struts her stuff in front of Granny Bola, Oneonta, and the rest of the crowd who filled My Father’s Place for the second annual Winter Wonderland all ages drag show on Saturday evening. At right, Ryder Knightley, Oneonta, brought his A-game with a bedazzled shirt and pants during his dance performance.  All proceeds from the event go towards the 2019 Pridefest. Their next show is slated for February. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

4 thoughts on “Pomp & Pizazz At OPA Drag Show

  1. Pathy

    Great event, it’s great to see everyone coming out for such a fun event. It’s great that families could bring their children so they can learn abt diversity and understanding that we all different. This is helping them understanding abt identity and tolerance, which really should be understanding.

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