questionnaire 2017 — cathy nardi




EDUCATION: BA Journalism

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Communications and Media Studies lecturer, SUNY Oneonta; freelance journalist


• Executive board, Greater Oneonta Historical Society

• Executive board, Harris Memorial Library, Otego

• Member of LINKS, Unatego educational compliance committee

FAMILY: One son, Armand Charles; two daughters, Cara Badham and Mary Brett; one dog, Daisy and two cats, Jasper and Jinx.

PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT: Open and honest, home rule, fiscally responsible, environmentally conscientious, stimulating economic prosperity.

MAJOR ISSUES FACING OTSEGO COUNTY: We need to work together, share resources, concentrate on our assets; hire a county manager, stimulate economic growth, consider revitalizing our railroad and move Upstate New York produce and meats to New York City; make Internet availability an infrastructure issue.

MY QUALITIES: I believe people are mostly good, most of the time. When we come together to solve problems, and we are mindful of the needs of all of the residents of our community, we can do wonderful things. I am an optimist. I believe happy, healthy people make decisions that benefit the community. If we treat all members of our community with respect, we will thrive. I am a very good communicator. I can bring people together for a common good.

STATEMENT: The county Board of Representatives has a responsibility to lead the community to a better quality of life. We are almost taxed out of existence, our schools are closing, our population is declining. But at the same time, this is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We have fresh air, clean water and beautiful vistas. This is the best virtual office any city-dweller might dream of. We are developing solar energy, nano batteries and organic markets. We are a tolerant, family oriented, hardworking community. We need someone to pull it all together. I am that person.

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