‘Recovery Friendly Oneonta’ Supporters Address Council

‘Recovery Friendly Oneonta’

Supporters Address Council

Julie Dostal, Executive Director at LEAF, stands before Common Council this evening to stress the importance of having Oneonta be a community that embraces and supports those in recovery. Members of Catholic Charities, FOR-DO, The Chamber of Commerce as well as Chief Doug Brenner and Council member Melissa Nicosia spoke in strong support of the resolution. Originally Common Council had planned to vote on a resolution to have Oneonta become a ‘Recovery Friendly’ community, but removed it from the agenda due t some public confusion. “Some people had concerns that Oneonta being labeled ‘a recovery community’ would have a negative impact and draw more addicts. ” said Mayor Gary Herzig. “This isn’t about a label or a name on Oneonta. It us about recognizing successes and pulling together to solve a problem. The resolution was a vision statement, a vision I believe in.” We went on to say that they felt they had not been clear on the what the vision was and therefore decided to remove it from the vote until they had. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)


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