Reported Cases Make Dramatic Climb

Reported Cases Make

Dramatic Climb


In a single day, reported county-wide cases have climbed by nearly sixty increasing the active case count to 210 and the hospitalizations by three for a total of 18.

No new COVID-19 related deaths have been reported, keeping the 2021 fatalities at three and the fatalities to date at 21.

Based on the figures, more than twenty people have successfully completed isolation and are considered no longer contagious. That said, the newly reported cases are more than three times higher than that of the same category only a mere 24 hours ago.

County Department of Health Director Heidi Bond believes the surge in cases are directly linked to the Christmas and New Year holidays, although a few familial clusters exist.

In addition, there is a cluster associated with exposure at a cornhole tournament at the start of this year.

Bond advises that community members continue to social distance, wear personal protective equipment and so forth.

3 thoughts on “Reported Cases Make Dramatic Climb


    People would rather die than not get together with relatives. Instead of wearing MAGA hats and sporting multiple bumper stickers on old beat up cars they should be wearing space suits. Better yet they should take up residence on the far side of the moon. Of course then they would never get sick or infect anyone else. But they would never do that because from the far side of the moon it would be way to difficult to rattle on endlessly your ideas to your friends, neighbors, doctors, dentists, teachers, grocery store cashiers, bank tellers, post office clerks, neighbor’s dogs and most of all politicians.

  2. Dommy M

    I bet a lot of spread is happening from from some people who are walking around with their masks resting below their nose . You see it a lot.

  3. Concerned

    I know about 80 of the new cases and they are not people with MAGA hats or wearing their masks below their noses. They are people that have been isolated from their families, they are people working around Covid positive people.

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