SHUE: Scott Harrington Has Roots In Sixth Ward Politics


Scott Harrington Has Roots

In Sixth Ward Politics

To the Editor:

I have known Scott Harrington since he was a boy.  Now he is a responsible husband and father. He was raised by two hardworking people, Stan and Mary Jane Harrington.  Scott saw first-hand the ideals of true volunteerism and dedication to the task at hand.

Unfortunately, Stan, a county representative for Wards 5-6, passed away at a fairly young age.  Both he and Mary Jane Harrington gave to Scott a love for the Sixth Ward and dedication to perseverance.  I know this full well.

I am writing to all registered voters of the Sixth Ward and asking each one to vote for Scott Harrington as their next Sixth Ward representative on Oneonta Common Council.

Scott sees the needs of the Sixth Ward and the City of Oneonta.  His dedication to “sticking with it” will be a huge asset on the City Council.

Scott’s experiences have prepared him well to sit on the Common Council and make wise decisions. He is a former county representative, is a member of the city’s Zoning & Housing Board of Appeals, has nearly 20 years of public safety experience, and is facilities liaison at Hartwick College.

Scott Harrington has the ability and know-how to make people’s opinion count.  Scott values people no matter how rich or poor you are, or how long you have been in the Sixth Ward.  You can be assured he will represent you well, no matter what political party you align with.

Scott’s stated goals during this campaign reflect the concerns of those in the Sixth Ward, which shows that he will not be manipulated by those with a hidden agenda outside the Sixth Ward and outside the City of Oneonta.  Scott has goals that have been publicly stated in regard to public safety, economic development, business growth, infrastructure, town hall meetings in the Sixth Ward, working with our two colleges, working with our YMCA in regard to programs for youth, and gaining revenue for the City of Oneonta without placing the burden on property owners.

Scott is very proud of businesses in our ward and aims to keep them here. Their stability and growth is of great importance to him.  Improving the housing stock already in existence within the ward is a priority for him. He also aims to spearhead an effort to beautify entrances to the Sixth Ward.

Scott Harrington is solid and has the ability to stand up for what is right. He possesses a kind heart and is able to work cooperatively for the general good. Your vote for Scott Harrington will enable a good person to sit in the Sixth Ward seat at City Hall and represent you.  Please vote for Scott Harrington on Nov. 5.


Former Sixth Ward Common Councilmember


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