Soto Given Bail, Ankle Bracelet

Four Arraigned On Worcester Man’s Murder

At Arraignment, 17-Year-Old

Granted Bail, Ankle Bracelet

Attorney Dennis Laughlin speaks with his client Anais Soto, 15, during her arraignment in October. (Libby Cudmore/

COOPERSTOWN – Anias Soto, 17, one of the four people indicted in the October murder of Kenneth Robinson, was granted a reduction in her bail, under the conditions that she wear an ankle monitor, during an arraignment this afternoon, according to District Attorney John Muehl.

Soto was believed to be outside the home when the murder occurred. Her bail was reduced to $2,500.

Dylan Robinson, 15, Alexander Borgreen, 16, and Nicolas Meridy, 32, were arraigned today on the second degree murder indictment, as well as the charges of Burglary, first degree and Attempted Robbery, first degree. Muehl believes that although the teens and Meridy were armed when they went to the house to steal cash and marijuana, Robinson, the victim’s son, fired the shot that killed his father. The two teens are being tried as adults.

Meridy is still being held without bail; Robinson and Borgreen’s bail remained at $50,000 bond, $25,000 cash.


One thought on “Soto Given Bail, Ankle Bracelet

  1. Melissa Lindberg-Buck

    They went there with guns N my understanding is Dylan was using rubbing alcohol to remove fingerprints n dna from the bullets on the way there. So how is that not 1st degree murder?? They all went there with intent! AND whether outside or not, they all KNEW there was a good chance a murder would take place AND let’s not forget the other children that were there n are now traumatized after seeing and hearing all they did! I’ve never heard of such ridiculous bail amounts for charges like these. Otsego County should be ashamed of themselves! Why would you give these kids the chance to b out on the street again n so easily. Is it because of who the victim is? If it would of been a judge, police officer, etc I’ll bet the bail would have been 1 million. While thing makes me sick!

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