‘Special Prosecutor’ Sought To Investigate Case Of Sheriff’s Son


‘Special Prosecutor’

Sought To Investigate

Case Of Sheriff’s Son

County Board Committee Issues

Report On Devlin Father, Son

By PARKER FISH • Special to www.AllOTSEGO.com

COOPERSTOWN – A committee of the Otsego County Board of Representatives today recommended that the district attorney appoint a “special prosecutor” to investigate county Sheriff Richard J. Devlin Jr., and his son Ros, suspended from his prison-guard job since January.


“An objective prosecutor is needed to properly evaluate whether criminal charges are warranted,” the Public Safety & Legal Affairs Committee recommended in a report released this morning.

Asked a few minutes ago if he intended to recuse himself, Devlin replied, “absolutely not … I’ve had no contact with the leadership of this board and I have no trust in the leadership of this board.”

For his part, District Attorney John Muehl said a few minutes ago he’s seen the report.  He declined to comment on it, but said it’s his decision whether to appoint a special prosecutor or not.

The committee chair, county Rep. Ed Frazier, R-Unadilla, would only say the investigation is “still pending,” and to email him any further questions.  With the county board reorganizing at its annual meeting next Wednesday, this may be Frazier’s final act in the 11-month inquiry,

The report also asked:

  • That the sheriff remove himself from any further decisions about his son, and to ask the county board or a county board committee to make those decisions for him.
  • That the sheriff require “a full medical examination of his son.”
  • That “a process” be put in place to improve “coordination and communication” with law enforcement agencies” if similar situations emerge.

The 17-page report alleges the younger “Devlin threatened to bring a duffle bag of guns to work to shoot employees at the jail…threatened to commit suicide in front of his superior’s desk…and threatened to shoot up an elementary school to create a distraction allowing for another person to carry out an attack on another elementary school.”

3 thoughts on “‘Special Prosecutor’ Sought To Investigate Case Of Sheriff’s Son

  1. Heather S.

    It’s been a year. Why keep beating a dead horse anymore? The other Sgt’s wife attempt at getting Ros fired didn’t pan out like she wanted. I think her husband put her up to it because he didn’t want to handle it like a man. They waited to report it almost a week after it was supposedly said. Sounds like they wanted to fine tune their story. There seems to be a lot more leading up to the story but no ones sharing it. Multiple people were there during the supposed incident and questioned. All stated that this was not factual. The truth will come. All in good time. Keep your head up Sheriff.

  2. Lisa Barr

    If Muehl won’t seek a special prosecutor as requested, we need to contact state authorities and possibly federal authorities ASAP. This sheriff helped lead an ARMED protest hundreds of feet from then governors mansion over the Safe Act (gun control post Newtown). He is also refusing to enforce it, claiming not to have enough information about it. This rings false as he bragged he wouldn’t enforce it. Devlin and all other public employees dragging their feet on SAFE Act and the Devlin schools threat/massive EEOC violations payouts investigation should be investigated and charged under the RICO act.

  3. Anonymous

    This sounds like a put up character assassination by his superior. No one other than the wife of the superior suggests that this ever happened. This should be dropped and no more time or money wasted on it.

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