STERNBERG: Without Mac, Trustees Average 65


Without MacGuire,

Trustees Average 65

To the Editor:

I strongly urge citizens of Cooperstown to vote for MacGuire Benton in the run-off election Tuesday, Sept. 29, for the Village Board.

I have worked with MacGuire on the board for 1½ years and before that in other endeavors for the past three years.

Mac is exceedingly hard working and thorough in his preparation. He has recognized issues and potential solutions, on occasion before the rest of us.

He has pushed for the continued improvement of Cooperstown and rehabilitation of its infrastructure.

He put forward the initiative to get Board meetings recorded and available for streaming to promote transparency in our government.

He has proposed bills that were subsequently approved unanimously.

Mac and members of his generation are the future of village government. Already he brings a perspective to a board that not including him averages over 65 years old.

He has demonstrated a willingness to learn and to improve his work.

Although he has been accused of it, when it comes to the village, he is not doctrinaire.

Mac has said that further rehabilitation and upgrades cannot be delayed any further administrations chose to do before 2009. As it is, we are already delayed this year in road upgrades by the pandemic crisis.

If we don’t fix things now, like water and sewers, even if short-term disruptive, the cost and disruption will be much greater when these systems ultimately, fail.

Vote for Mac in the run-off.

Village Trustee

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