Supporters Of OPD Parade Through Town


Supporters Of OPD

Parade Through City

Amy Smithling of Oneonta, above, addresses crowd members gathered at the former Christopher’s Restaurant site on Southside as they prepare for a parade earlier this afternoon in support of the Oneonta Police Department. “This is about the OPD and the support they deserve,” said Smithling. “This is not about us versus them. This is not a Trump Rally. This is simply a show of force to support the OPD!” Inset, Genesis Bushnell, Laurens, and Shannon Speenburg, Unadilla, wave the “Thin Blue Line” flag in support support as they fall in line with numerous trucks and cars, including firetrucks and cement mixers, joined led the parade with flashing lights and sounding horns on their path through the city.  The issue came to the fore when Oneonta Police Chief Doug Brenner removed the “Thin Blue Line” flag from the pole in front of the Oneonta Public Safety Building a few days ago. (Ian Austin/

3 thoughts on “Supporters Of OPD Parade Through Town

  1. Jim Rowe

    Was a absolutely great event that I was very proud to be a part of and to involve my kids in. The support for the O.P.D. Was incredible.

  2. Doreen Del Rosario

    I support the police 100% and am grateful for their hard work. The intention may not have been for the parade to be a political rally, but there were at least two vehicles with political flags flying from them. That ruined what should have been a support rally for law enforcement.

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