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Epic Landscaping Crew Transforms Village Entry

Epic Landscaping Crew

Transforms Village Entry

A crew from Epic Landscaping, Fly Creek, is transforming a key entryway to Cooperstown at this hour, transforming the new parking lot at the renovated NY Pizzeria at Chestnut, Elm and Delaware streets into a min-Eden. Drive by and take a look. Effected the transformation are, inset, from left, Nick LaRosa, Cherry Valley, Michael Kelley, Fly Creek, Ryan Strong, Richfield Springs, and Jake Bennett, Richfield Springs. (Jim Kevlin/

NY Pizzeria Aiming For July 4 Opening

NY Pizzeria Aiming

For July 4 Opening

Proprietor Bob Teel of Teel Concrete Construction, Richfield Springs, spent Sunday digging up the sidewalk in front of Cooperstown’s New York Pizzeria, which is undergoing a major renovation and expansion. Teel said he and Joe Vezza, who also owns Upstate Grill & Grill and Bocca Osteria in Cooperstown, goes back to Vezza’s first entrepreneurial venture, Richfield Springs’ New York Pizzeria.  Teel Concrete was continuing with the job today.  (Jim Kevlin/
Triple-A Coming Down For Pizza Shop Expansion

Triple-A Coming Down

For Pizza Shop Expansion

Joe Vezza, one of Cooperstown’s top restaurateurs, at right, strides across the scene as the former Triple-A office building at Chestnut and Elm is being demolished at this hour to make way for the expansion of his New York Pizzeria.  The work is being done by Heroux Excavating.  Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh, who was observing at the scene, said Vezza’s plan for a PDD (planned development district) has been approved, but a few more village reviews may be necessary before the project goes forward. Vezza, who also operates Bocca Osteria and Upstate Bar & Grill as the village’s south end, plans to add a new entrance on the south side of the building, outside seating and more parking. (Jim Kevlin/
New York Pizzeria Seeks To Expand Parking, Seating

New York Pizzeria

Seeks To Expand

Parking, Seating

Innovative PDD Zoning Sought

Michael George, Emily George and their friend Elianna Geertgens stroll past NY Pizzeria. Owner Joe Vezza has bought the former Triple-A office, at right, which he plans to demolish for parking. The main entrance would be moved from the front to the side of the building, and outdoor tables would be set up there. (Jim Kevlin/

By JIM KEVLIN • The Freeman’s Journal & Hometown Oneonta

COOPERSTOWN – It’s a village hot-spot, and customers intent on New York Pizzeria’s offerings park along Chestnut and Elm streets, and in the off-hours fill the parking lots at the adjoining Bank of Cooperstown and Triple-A offices. With the popularity of the pizzeria, it’s imperative that they keep orders flowing to avoid long wait times. Many restaurants address this issue with the implementation of POS systems like those of Revel Systems which are designed to improve the customer experience and relationship, offer a more diverse range of payment choices, as well as help to build a detailed menu whilst keeping track of inventory levels and learning from real-time sales reports.

Restaurateur Joe Vezza

And that’s in the off-season.

Several months of village meetings from now, the crunch should ease, restaurateur Joe Vezza is predicting.

Triple-A has consolidated in Oneonta, Vezza’s bought the building, and he’s planning to demolish it to add 12 more off-street parking spaces.

The plan shifts the main entrance from Chestnut Street to the south side of the building, so patrons can enter from the parking lot. Also, three tables for outdoor dining may be added there.

Vezza, who since expanding from Richfield Springs a decade has also opened Bocca Osteria and The Upstate Bar & Grill, and his architect, Teresa Drerup, appeared before the Village Board Monday, April 22, to get a complicated regulatory process underway.

Preparations Underway  For Year’s Spookiest Night

Preparations Underway 

For Year’s Spookiest Night

New York Pizzeria’s former manager Art Boden, now maitre d’ at the nearby Upstate Grill, was back in his old haunts at closing time last night, decorating the Cooperstown restaurant for its annual post Halloween Parade kids’ bash Wednesday evening, featuring Gummy Bear pizza – yum! Boden said he anticipated another 16 hours of decorations to ready the establishment for trick or treaters. (Jim Kevlin/
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