Three-Wheeled Car Up For Sale in Milford

Three-Wheeled Car

Up For Sale in Milford

Shirley Bennett is selling her three-wheeled Snyder “mouse car” in Milford. (Ian Austin/

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

MILFORD – When Shirley and Douglas Bennett got back to their car after shopping one afternoon, they saw a little boy and his father waiting for them.

“The father told me that his son didn’t want to leave until he saw us wind up the car!” said Shirley.

Alas, the wind-up key on top of the Bennett’s three-wheeled Snyder is just for show, but now, the “mouse car,” as locals know it, is for sale.

“When my husband found it online in 2012, it only had three miles on it,” she said. “It the only one in New York state.”

A modified trike, the Snyder comes from China, and requires a motorcycle or trike license to operate it.

“When we registered it, they told us we had to wear helmets when we were in it,” she said. “Your head would rub against the ceiling! I said that we’ll wear motorcycle helmets when motorcyclists wear seat belts!”

The car gets 50-55 miles per hour, and Douglas drove it to his job at Amphenol, and also to car shows. “He won a prize for most unique vehicle,” she said.

The wooden butterfly key was something Douglas added, as well as a horn that played several tunes.

And it drew plenty of attention.  “One time we were stopped by police coming back from Binghamton,” she said. “They just wanted to look at it!”

Douglas died last September, and now, Shirley wants the car to have a new owner. It has less than 4,000 miles on it, and is selling for $5,000

“We had a lot of fun in it,” she said.


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  1. Paula Hoadley

    would like to know if your three wheel car is still for sale. I am retired and looking for transportation I can use when I travel with my motorhome for local travel

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