Two Fatalities In 48 Hours

Two Fatalities

In 48 Hours


COOPERSTOWN – In just 48 hours the COVID-19 fatalities within the county have gone up by two – both females over the age of 55 who were previously hospitalized as a result of the virus – bringing the total fatalities for 2021 up to six.

Active cases continue to climb and stand now at 289. According to County Public Health Director Heidi Bond, “We are still seeing cases related to the cornhole tournament and the veteran’s club in Richfield.”

Hospitalizations for the county are currently at 18 and additional 71 cases were reported within the last 48 hours, bringing the total cases for the new year up to 506.

Community members are asked to continue following CDC and other guidelines as they wait to be vaccinated.


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  1. Dom M

    PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK PROPERLY. I am sick and tired of people walking around with their mask below their nose.

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