Village Advises Town On ‘Trump 2024’ Tiff:

Village Advises Town

On ‘Trump 2024’ Tiff:

Consider Not Reappointing Officials

Who ‘Threatened’ Mayor On Billboard

Mayor Pokorny

MILFORD – The Village Board has asked the Town Board to “take…into consideration” the reappointment of two town Planning Board members after a dispute over the “Trump 2024” billboard north of the village on Route 28.

The letter to Town Supervisor Bernadette Atwell, dated Tuesday, Feb. 16, was signed by Village Mayor Brian Pokorny, Deputy Mayor Michael Strong and Trustee Austin Partridge.

The village officials “express our concerns with the actions of Town
Planning Board Members, Bruce Milavec (Chair) and Gary Wickham and their covert efforts to ‘threaten’ the Village Board with fines over the ‘Trump’ billboard.”

Pokorny had reported earlier that two Planning Board members had met with him and advised him the village would be fined if the “Trump 2024” billboard wasn’t taken down.

Since, the letter said, “it has come to our understanding that the Town’s Planning Board and its members have no authority to issues such zoning law violations and, it appears to us, (their) actions were intended to bypass the town’s Zoning Board and its Zoning Enforcement Officer to push their
own political agendas.

“We ask that you take this information into consideration when it is time to reappoint
these two members.”

Reached a few minutes ago, Wickham said the whole matter was “blown out of proportion.”  Milavec was not immediately available.

3 thoughts on “Village Advises Town On ‘Trump 2024’ Tiff:

  1. Chip Northrup

    The billboard is either legal under the zoning or it’s not. What’s on the sign is a matter of who rents it – and whoever does has a 1st Amendment right to let the rest of us know that they are a QAnon simpleton.

  2. Rene Hopsicker

    Love how you equate Trump 2024 for QAnon! Where is your proof?? Trump supporters love this country, our constitution and our freedoms! That’s all. You just showed us how you love to hate.

  3. John Lee

    Chip – you were doing so well. You should have stopped @ IS a 1st Amendment right.

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