MANNION: Who Knows More About Ward 8 Than Mark Drnek?


Who Knows More About

Ward 8 Than Mark Drnek?

To the Editor:

I dare you to try to find another person alive who knows more about Main Street Oneonta businesses than Mark Drnek. Mark knows the first and last names of almost every business owner in Ward 8, where he is running for Oneonta Common Council.
He knows what they sell and to whom they sell it. He knows what their businesses depend upon, thrive upon, and what they need our city to do to make them more successful.

When I heard Mark was running for office, the first words that came to mind were “Oh, thank God!”

In all my years in Oneonta, I don’t think I’ve met someone as hard-working, creative, passionate and committed to our city as Mark.

Mark volunteered his time and resources in 2011 on some promotional videos for the city. While working with Mark, I was blown away by his creative ideas for attracting visitors of all ages, local and tourist, to Main Street.

Please vote for Mark. Great things will happen to Oneonta once he is in a position to serve our city.



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