Why Not Plan Locally

To Un-PAUSE Here?

On second thought, it’s an intriguing idea.

State Senate candidate Peter Oberacker

County Rep. Peter Oberacker, R-Schenevus, who is also running for state Senate, suggested yesterday that, instead of waiting for Governor Cuomo to tell us when and how to reopen, we in Otsego County should put together our own un-PAUSE plan, present it to the governor, and act on it.

Hmm.  That would follow the model the Cuomo Administration is applying to factories and construction sites due to open May 15:  The companies are developing plans to submit to the state, not vice versa.

“Why can’t we go to our governor and tell him:  We understand it. We need to open. Here’s our plan to move forward,” said Oberacker in an interview with “Let’s put together a structured plan to reopen Otsego County.”

Why not indeed?

He was criticized last evening by his Democratic opponent, Jim Barber of Schoharie, for flouting “medical experts and science-based criteria.”  But what the experts are recommending can be known and applied, without waiting for Albany to do it for us.

One thought on “AllOTSEGO E-EDITORIAL: Why Not Plan Locally To Un-PAUSE Here?

  1. Renay Canastra

    license professional should be able to Open..We are governed by the state. Choosing to limit our ability to open hurts not only individual families, our local government, our economy..We are not irresponsible children. We are grown adults. If you represent the people, then I advise you and all on that committee to do just that..
    Enough political policing and control. America has work to do..Make a plan, do your job..OPEN OTSEGO

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