WILCOX: Gunmen More Scary Than G-Men


Gunmen More Scary Than G-Men

To the Editor:

Rick Brockway states “every Democratic candidate…will take our guns away.”

If he means the candidates advocate the confiscation of all guns owned by law-abiding citizens, he’s wrong. None of them takes that position. They are for stricter gun control, as well they ought to be.
The guns, Mr. Brockway, I and other Upstate folks had growing up were nothing like what we’re faced with today. We’ve had, and will have, shootings in churches, schools, movies, concerts and other venues.

The weapon of choice is often one that can deliver many bullets very rapidly, a weapon designed for our Armed Forces.

The Second Amendment refers to arms, not guns. Most arms available to our Armed Forces have been deemed inappropriate for private citizens. Should we add guns with high-capacity magazines to the “inappropriate” list? It’s worth discussing.

Mr. Brockway hopes he never has to confront government agents coming to take his guns. I sit by the door of my church hoping one of my fellow citizens doesn’t show up with murderous intent. Thankfully the statistics are overwhelmingly with both of us, but more so with Mr. Brockway.


One thought on “WILCOX: Gunmen More Scary Than G-Men

  1. Gene Ralno

    Well Rick, I suggest you read the SAFE Act and describe point by point, the difference between what’s now illegal in New York and what remains legal. Grassroots New York owners know the difference and have taken a stand.

    You seem to have swallowed the propaganda and don’t know the difference between an AR-15 and an M4. Tell us how much faster an AR-15 trigger-pull is than a Remington Model 81 Woodmaster from 1950 or Model 742 Woodmaster from 1955.

    Don’t look it up. Show us what you know.

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