Windchill Warning: Could Get Down to -30 Overnight


Wind Chill May

Dip To 30-Below

Bundled up against single-digit temperatures, David Lamb, above, snowblows his mom Celia’s driveway on Linden Avenue, Cooperstown, as dusk neared this afternoon.  While clearing roads was done for the day, Otsego Town Highway Supt. Bill Hribar Sr. said, “We’re going to have wind tonight and will start plowing again in the morning.” Though Winter Storm Harper didn’t deliver the 20-30 inches of snow the county expected, the National Weather Service is predicting strong winds and 35 mph gusts  through tomorrow.  During the day, temperatures dropped from the 20s into the single digits by dusk, with the late afternoon cold evident in Brian Clancy’s icy beard, inset photo.  (He was snowplowing a driveway on Elm Street, Cooperstown, with son Stephen.) The Weather Service issued a wind-chill warning, and Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig said it could feel as low as minus-30 overnight. ( photos)

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