With 105 COVID Cases, SUNY Oneonta Closing For 2 Weeks





Mayor Gary Herzig, left, speaks during a press conference announcing the two-week closure of SUNY Oneonta after 105 students were sickened with COVID-19 following a house party last weekend. With him is SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras, center, and Barbara Jean Morris, college president. (Jim Kevlin/AllOSEGO.com)

ONEONTA – As the COVID-19 cases climbed from two on Tuesday to 105 today, SUNY Oneonta has announced that they will close for two weeks, according to state reports.

SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras moved his scheduled visit up a day, and is slated to give a press conference shortly. Presently, he is conferring in a conference room at the Netzer Administration Building with Barbara Jean Morris, SUNY Oneonta president, Mayor Gary Herzig, representatives from the Department of Health and two residence life assistants.

“We’re trying to reach a balance,” said Kim MacLeod, Associate Director of Communications. “We don’t want to send those with virus home, but should they isolate them in place? That’s question we’re trying to work out currently.”

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2 thoughts on “With 105 COVID Cases, SUNY Oneonta Closing For 2 Weeks

  1. Lynette S. Lyons

    Again, your journalism is not truthful, you are definitely going for sensational headlines. Please give facts when informing the public – SUNY is not “closing” for 2 weeks, only going on-line for all of their classes. Students will still be on campus, dining halls will be serving food, employees will still be showing up for work. And where are you getting your “facts”? President Morris only JUST released her announcement to the students and their families about 6:45 p.m. Perhaps you should find more credible sources – and do some fact-checking before running your “news” stories, as all credible reporters should do!

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