WOODBERRY: Victoria’s Network Impressive; Connections Beyond Expectation


Victoria’s Network Impressive;

Connections Beyond Expectation

To the Editor:

Warren Woodberry Jr.

From the moment I met Victoria Talbot Pressly she proved she was a serious connector whose impressive Rolodex has played an integral part in the growth and sustainability of Millennium Magazine.

I met Vicky while standing in line for drinks at a doctor’s summer penthouse party on Manhattan’s Eastside in 2011. She was standing in front of me when I stepped up and she turned around to say, “Hi,” and introduced herself. She told me she was a publicist and I told her that I was a magazine publisher and that we should talk.

Minutes later she introduced me to her friend Lauren, who covered the Hamptons for another magazine out East. I welcomed her to join my venture, and Vicky’s friend proved to be such an outstanding contributor to Millennium I later made her editor at large.

Since meeting Vicky, she has pitched me dozens of model and actor clients, many of whom have graced the cover of the magazine, while many others have even joined my team.

Victoria’s network is vast and impressive and without question her connections are solid and at times above and beyond expectation.



Millennium Magazine

One thought on “WOODBERRY: Victoria’s Network Impressive; Connections Beyond Expectation

  1. David Schiller

    Ok so that’s your experience with Victoria. Now try asking the thousands of people she’s ripped off over 20 years what their experience is with her. They will all say she’s a piece of dirt that scams people

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