Zoe Is Cancer Free

Zoe Cancer-Free,

Cornell Tests Find

Zoe has been declared cancer-free by the Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

COOPERSTOWN –  Zoe, the dog rescued from Exeter Center after she chewed off her own leg, has been declared cancer-free by veterinarians at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, executive director Stacie Haynes reported just moments ago.

“According to the pathology report, the complete surgical excision is expected to be curative,” said Haynes. “They believed it was just a fatty mass, which is common in dogs her age. Zoe is cancer-free.”

On Friday, Nov. 22, Zoe underwent surgery to remove an 11-pound fatty mass and what was left of her shoulder, which was then biopsied to test for cancer. “The findings are consistent with lipoma,” she said.

Zoe’s stitches will come out Thursday. “Then she’s free to go live her best life.”


One thought on “Zoe Is Cancer Free

  1. Eileen Himes

    I am so thankful to read this wonderful news about Zoe’s health. This beautiful, sweet gal has been through more than any dog should ever know. I truly hope someone very kind and loving adopts Zoey now. Let her live out her remaining years in peace and contentment.

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