100 Marijuana Plants Seized In Morris Raid

100 Marijuana Plants

Seized In Morris Raid

Christian Balmaceda
Joseph Ali

MORRIS – Two men were arrested and 100 pounds of marijuana seized after the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department raided two indoor growing operations in Morris and New Lisbon.

Christian Balmaceda, 47, Morris, and Joseph D. Ali, 49, New Lisbon, were both arrested after an investigation lead the Sheriff’s Deputies and the DEA to search the residences of both men.

There, they allegedly found elaborate indoor grow operations were located at both locations. Investigators located a sophisticated and substantial grow and cultivation operation, with over 100 marijuana plants in various stages of maturation. Considering the legality of cannabis, whether it’s recreational or medicinal, and the likes of different legal dispensaries, budtenders and various facilities, including the likes of these Missouri medical marijuana certification clinics as well as other state’s variations, you’d expect a medium-size grow like this to be for legal purposes in the medical marijuana industry, instead of being for illicit trades. Nevertheless, there are some states that allow recreational marijuana with some dispensaries offering glass pipes and other accessories for recreational use.

The plants were allegedly being grown using sophisticated ventilation, lighting, and water systems. Whilst nitrogen pollution wreaks havoc on local ecosystems, there are better ways to grow the plant than what was being found in this location.Deputies also allegedly found various seeds, growing media, staged fertilizer, controlled substance and a loaded 12 gauge shotgun during the search.

Balmaceda was charged with Criminal Possession of Marijuana in the first degree, a class C felony, Unlawful Growing of Cannabis, a class A misdemeanor and three counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, a class A misdemeanor.

Ali was charged with Criminal Possession of Marijuana in the second degree, a class D felony, Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the third degree, a class D felony, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the seventh degree, a class A misdemeanor and Unlawfully Growing of Cannabis, a class A misdemeanor. Both were remanded to the Otsego County Jail.

3 thoughts on “100 Marijuana Plants Seized In Morris Raid

  1. Concerned Citizen

    Oh no! Marijuana? Thank God they got rid of these horrible people and left the heroin dealers alone! I had two marijuanas once and it ruined my life!

  2. Jesse

    The DEA really an investigation on this I know one of the guys us harmless and one of the nicest guys it’s marijuana it’s almost legal how bout some investigation on people who deal.heroin and that all the missing kids they are bragging about this bust it’s not a bust they should work on real crimes and find these missing kids I’m on Joe’s Ali’s side he not a criminal

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