Avanzato Brothers To Close Stella Luna

Tony, Vinne In Business 47 Years

Avanzato Brothers

To Close Stella Luna

Tony and Vinne Avanzato, who have operated signature restaurants – first, the Italian Kitchen; then, Ristorante Stella Luna in the landmark D&H depot – have announced they plan to retire Aug. 25. For details on the Avanzato family story in the restaurant business by Gianluca Avanzato, a family member and published author,, see this week’s Hometown Oneonta & Freeman’s Journal, on newsstands this afternoon. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

6 thoughts on “Avanzato Brothers To Close Stella Luna

  1. Eileen Robbins

    Having been born and raised in Massapequa, I was sorry to see how you held us “upstaters” in contempt. You came here and brought your disdain. I, for one, was embarrassed by your contempt for the upstate NY market.

  2. Olivia Avanzato

    Wow, anonymous person. Real brave to leave a comment on the internet, about something you know nothing about. Proud of my family’s legacy and success.

  3. Megan R Holbrook

    If you have anything negative to say about either of these 2 men, clearly you not only do not know them, but further either even know of them. This is a heartbreak for Oneonta, not only for the amazing food but the way they treated their customers. All my love and best wishes Tony and Vinne, and thank you for being the people you are ❤️

  4. Jessica Esperon-Meneilly

    Eileen Robbins, you clearly do not know this family and the heart and soul that they poured into our community and their restaurant.

    The Avanzato Family are incredibly warm generous people that have gone out of their way to make their restaurant feel warm and inviting.

    Shame on you and your judgemental random comments for slandering these wonderful people.

  5. Doug and Carol Exley

    The comment at the top makes little sense and shows their online ignorance about the work of Tony, Vinne and family. First, with the ‘Kitchen’ and then with Stella Luna, all of us who spent countless hours at the restaurants considered ourselves part of the family. That was because of the way everyone was treated by Tony and Vinne. They always made you feel special. Many years ago, when our son, date and friends were talking about where to go for their prom dinner, they agreed they had to go to one place, the Italian Kitchen. Our son said afterwards how much they loved being there; it was a special moment. The author of the first piece knows nothing of a story like this or the countless others that were part of the lore of the Kitchen and Stella Luna. They know nothing of the hours spent building their businesses, how hard they worked to bring back the old railroad station, the way they fought through personal heartache to keep the restaurant moving forward. They know nothing. But, we do. And for all the great food, memories, and love, we say thank you to Tony, Vinne and family for all you did to make your restaurants such special places. God bless, Doug and Carol

  6. A MontBlanc

    When I think of the best Italian meal I ever had, (and I’ve been around the world) it was at Stella Luna. I hope the family is enjoying retirement. If only Orlando had them here.

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