Bound Volumes: 03-17-22

Bound Volumes

So long as our republican system of government prevails, so long will the people be industrious, prosperous, independent, and happy; but as soon as they become shackled by the chains of aristocracy they will become indolent, thriftless and miserable.

March 17, 1810

Summary News: Templeton Lodge is the name given by Mrs. E. Goodwin to the boarding house now being built for her by Dr. Campbell near the lake. It is a pleasantly located house which will be furnished with a view to the convenience and comfort of a summer home to its guests. It will be opened June 1. Mrs. Goodwin kept “Sunnyside” as a boarding house one season and gave excellent satisfaction to the guests who filled her house.

March 21, 1885

Like all measures suggested and supported by his genius and energy the benefit and pension proposition just devised by Adolphus Busch of St. Louis and Three-Mile Point is as striking as it is original. Mr. Busch proposes to create a fund for the employees of his business. This fund is not to be made up by monthly or weekly mites from the employees but is to be supported generously by the open-handed employer. The 6,000 brewery workers will be the recipient of many benefits and assurances without being compelled to contribute anything but their loyalty in return. The new plan put into effect by Mr. Busch is in reality a profit-sharing measure. The thousands of dollars which are to go annually to a fund for the employees to guarantee them and their loved ones against the pains of sickness and death are to come out of Mr. Busch’s profits, and not out of the pockets of the individuals.

March 19, 1910

Following the annual election on Tuesday the new administration was launched at an organization meeting held at the Village Hall on Wednesday evening of last week with newly elected mayor, Lester J. Clark, presiding. The following appointments were made for the coming year: Street Commissioner – Michael MacMoon; Corporation Counsel – Clermonte G. Tennant; Janitor – Alfred Page; Official Depository – First National Bank; Official newspaper – The Otsego Farmer; Teamster – Edwin Smith; Horologists – Lippitt Brothers; Village Historian – Walter R. Littell.

March 20, 1935

Miss Ruth Parish of Cooperstown, who has operated Ann’s Beauty Shop on Main Street for the past 13 years, has sold the business to Mrs. June Perkins, and Miss Barbara Nagelschmidt, both of Cooperstown. Miss Nagelschmidt joined the shop’s staff in April, 1957 and Mrs. Perkins in September of the same year. Miss Parish, who owns the building in which the shop is located next to the Cooperstown Theatre, has an apartment above the shop. She and her mother, Mrs. Maude Parish, left Thursday for a two-week vacation trip to Florida.

March 23, 1960

Dr. William F. Streck, a 38-year-old endocrinologist has been named director and chief executive officer of Bassett Hospital. The 12-member board reached its decision at a meeting in New York City last Thursday morning after giving consideration to 34 candidates including Streck. Dr. Streck, who has been the hospital’s acting director, succeeds Dr. Charles A. Ashley, who resigned the post in March after 17 years. “I want us to be viewed as a socially responsible institution that takes care of people,” Streck said. “He’s done a superb job as acting director,” said Edward Stack, secretary of the Clark Foundation and a Bassett trustee.
The CCS Redskins’ boys’ basketball postseason campaign came to a halt at the Broome County Arena with a 74-62 loss to Wilson Magnet High School of Rochester. “We gave it our best shot,” Coach Dick White said. “Our kids never backed down.” George Hunt led the scoring for the Redskins with 20 points. Guard Mike Trosset had four of the Redskins’ 10 team steals and added three assists and 15 points. CCS finished the season with a 21-5 record.

March 20, 1985

The Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad, operated by the Leatherstocking Railroad Historical Society is looking forward to a season of growth in ridership, improved facilities and an expanded schedule of special events as it starts its second year. Projects set for this spring include washout and bridge repairs, the installation of 5,000 new ties, and work on the crossing at County Hwy. 11C. The railway’s 2000 schedule gets off to a festive start with the Easter Bunny Express on April 22. Regular service will also be offered between Milford and Cooperstown with three round trips a day from May to October. The train has become a popular spot for fundraisers, celebrations and school excursions.

March 17, 2000

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