Bound Volumes: 08-11-22

Bound Volumes

August 11, 2022

The increase of importations of coffee and tea are the natural results of an increase of population and wealth; but we are inclined to place much of the addition made annually to the quantity of these articles used, to the fact that they are in a considerable degree supplanting ardent spirits in the public house, and in the social circle. It is indeed a gratifying truth that while we have in everything else increased our importations, in the article of ardent spirits, both imported and home manufactured, there has in ten years been a falling off in quantity of about one-half; a fact which speaks volumes in favor of the temperance effort.

August 7, 1837

Editorial – The just expectation of the people — who have furnished men and money without stint — have been disappointed in regard to the war. They were assured months ago that the government had all the men necessary to crush out the rebellion, and that its termination was certain and speedy. Well, it turned out, contrary to expectation, that McClellan lacked the men necessary to take Richmond, and when forced to retreat and take a new position, the Government was without a reserve from which to reinforce him. It had stopped recruiting — just at the time when the rebels had resorted to a draft, and were crowding new men by the thousand into the field. It then became necessary to withdraw troops from important positions at the south and southwest in order to save the Army of the Potomac and to hold Washington! Thus we were found acting on the defensive, out-numbered by the rebels in Virginia. This lack of foresight in the Government has been the means of prolonging the war, has more thoroughly united the South, and adds thousands of lives and hundreds of millions to the cost of the war.

August 8, 1862

The pavilion and other buildings at the new Fairy Spring Park of the village of Cooperstown are now completed. The work was carried out by contractor David H. Willsey according to plans drawn by Arthur R. Cobbett of this village. Coincident with the construction of the buildings a number of other improvements have been carried out which place this delightful resort in splendid condition for picnics, reunions and gatherings large and small.

August 11, 1937

The Board of Supervisors last week took the first steps toward establishing a Family Court in Otsego County under the provisions of a state constitution amendment voted last November and signed into law just last spring by Governor Rockefeller. The new court, with jurisdiction over all cases involving youngsters under 16 years old, except capital crimes, and all cases involving family matters, except divorce actions, will come into being on September 1.

August 8, 1962

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Cooperstown voted Monday night in favor of a 41-unit condominium development on the Glen Garage site. At public meetings, a group known as the “Irish Hill Residents,” have pointed out logistical difficulties the buildings will encounter such as water supply, sewage disposal, parking and traffic hazards. Those objections have been dismissed as “nitpicking” by trustees and officials of Masi-Soule Developers. The Masi-Soule certificate of partnership lists four individuals – David Soule of 47 Chestnut, Cooperstown; Stefano A. Masi, 4 Squire Court, Mahwah, N.J.; Charles P. Boyle, 8 Squire Court, Mahwah, N.J.; and A. Donald Nazzaro of 207 Beechwood Road, Ridgewood, N.J.

August 12, 1987

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