Bound Volumes: 09-29-22

Bound Volumes

September 29, 2022

Released – Mr. Herkimer was released from Fort Lafayette last week by giving bonds for the appearance of his son, or a substitute, in case he should be drafted into the army. He was not called upon to surrender the opinion he holds, that there are some very great scamps holding office under this Republican Administration, and that the people would be benefitted by a speedy return to Democratic rule.
The 152nd Regiment (the 2nd Otsego and Herkimer) is now fully organized. L. Boyer, Colonel; Ferguson, Lieut. Colonel; Spaulding, Major; Campbell, Adjutant. Nine of the companies have been organized. Capt. Bingham’s is the ninth, Co. “I” with 83 men rank and file. There are about 825 men now mustered in. Otsego has furnished five companies. Two regiments in three months from Herkimer and Otsego! Who says the Hop District is not loyal, patriotic and wide awake!

October 3, 1862

Beer-Selling on the Fair Grounds – As suggestions are in order relating to the future of the Fairs by the County Agricultural Society, cannot those who refrain from being partners or participators in an association that sell dram-selling privileges, justly ask that in the future, so far as the Society as a body is concerned, they will keep the grounds clean and pure from all complicity with selling intoxicating or poisonous beverages? Counting the women and children, as well as the men who cannot consistently endorse or countenance such a custom, I am satisfied from inquiry that there are a thousand persons within a reasonable radius (say ten miles) of Cooperstown, that do not, nor ever will, attend the Fairs while the Society tolerates beer-selling.

October 7, 1887

Chesterfield, the “High School Horse” of Troop C, Sidney, has graduated into retirement. His days of jumping over automobiles are over. Captain Daniel E. Fox, Troop C commandant announced retirement of the 25-year-old horse whose performances have thrilled crowds in Canada, Madison Square Garden, the State Fair in Syracuse and at county fairs and outings from one end of this section to the other. Chesterfield has performed several times in Cooperstown. For more than 11 years Chesterfield has been doing his stuff with the Troop ‘C’ Roughriders.

October 6, 1937

Frederick L. Rath, Jr., chairman of the Cooperstown Planning Commission, has called for public support in selling and implementing the Cooperstown Area Master Plan. Presiding at a public meeting at the elementary school on Thursday night of last week, at which the new plan was outlined, Mr. Rath pointed out that the Planning Commission did not expect everyone to accept everything proposed in the Master Plan down to the finest detail. But, he did tell the assembly that the Master Plan was a flexible guide to future development of the area. Theodore P. Feury, a Commission member, discussed a proposed Otsego Lake Control Board to protect the rights of property owners, fishermen and boaters who live along the lake and use it.

October 3, 1962

This weekend, firemen from New York City will return to Cooperstown for rest, relaxation and a friendly baseball game with their Cooperstown colleagues. Last fall, village residents Eric and Noelle Hage organized a special ceremony and reception at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Cooperstown for firemen at Ladder 165, Engine 317, Battalion 54 in St. Alban’s, Queens, where Noelle’s brother-in-law serves. This year the firemen will return with their families to play golf and a benefit baseball game at Doubleday Field.

October 4, 2002

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