Bound Volumes: 10-20-22

Bound Volumes

October 20, 2022

Choice Fruit – There was quite a display of choice fruit in our sanctum on Monday last, Dr. Byram, of this village, being the sole exhibitor. He might have carried off a premium had he made the exhibition at the Fair last week. He had three varieties of grapes, all grown in the open air (for which the present season has been unusually favorable) — the Green Cheslass, the Black Gamut, and the Isabella; the first named is a white grape which grows in large clusters. Of the pears there were four varieties, including the sickle and virgule. The people of Otsego are finding out that the choice varieties
of certain fruits can be grown in this county. They can make it a source of pleasure and profit.

October 17, 1862

Unless the recommendations of scientific men from the federal and state agricultural departments are followed by hop growers, the much-coveted and valuable blossom essential to the brewer will soon cease to be available. Hop mildew, a fungus disease cut down the hop yield alarmingly. New York State has long been known for its splendid hop yield, the central section of the state being the location of most of the hop fields. This year a poor crop was gathered, owing to the presence of the mildew, which attacked practically all of the yards which had been set out with hops early.

October 16, 1912

Advice for the Elderly: A good appearance gives men and women of all ages a lift. An older person who is well-dressed and makes a good appearance is usually one who takes an interest in others and the world about him. For the mature woman or man, clothes should be both attractive and comfortable and should be immaculate and well-fitting. A youngster can get away with sloppy jeans and dirty sweat shirt, but a man or woman over 60 who is not neatly dressed and well-groomed arouses pity or dislike.

October 17, 1962

All of Robert Leathers’ playgrounds are different, but Cooperstown’s Kid City is really different, the architect told a gathering of several hundred parents and children. Organized into five zones, the facility will feature areas for toddlers and handicapped children, as well as a central amphitheater, an obstacle course maze, and swings. The playground will contain a bridge of tires, steering wheels arranged to form a mock car, a sand table, a tunnel, a haunted castle, mirrors, a double slide, a tree house, parallel bars and a spaceship.

October 21, 1987

Richard Hanna spends a great deal of his time involved in construction projects, but his current endeavor has a much more personal air. Hanna, construction company owner and avid aviator, recently purchased the Westville Airport, and he is in the process of giving it a major facelift. His company, Hanna Construction of Darnville, has been contracted by Otsego County to build the new adult care facility on State Hwy. 28 south of Cooperstown. Workers are also engaged in replacing hangars at the airport site.

October 18, 2002

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