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November 11, 2022

Lieut. Col. Myers, Deputy Quarter-Master General, was stationed in charge of Fort Erie, and succeeded in completely silencing the fire of the enemy, drove a detachment from the encampment near the Black Rock, destroyed a barrack, in which was a considerable depot of ammunition. The Caledonia, lately captured by the enemy, was destroyed at her moorings. Lieut. Col. Myers speaks highly of the discipline of the detachment of the 49th regiment under Major Ormsby, and of the skill and spirit with which the guns were served.

November 7, 1812

Editor’s. Note: In 1837, members of the Democratic Party were commonly referred to as republicans.
Republicans! To The Polls!! Republicans should vote at all times. I do not know of any occasion which furnishes a valid apology for a Jeffersonian Democrat to neglect this invaluable franchise. It was bought with blood; secured to each of you by the patriot firmness and enlightened intelligence of the most revered body of sages that ever deliberated upon the destinies of any people since the world was created. Can a man neglect to vote, when by this simple act, he can sustain those institutions, bought at such immense cost, in their pristine vigor and purity? Oh no, they cannot do this: the yeomanry of Otsego, cannot do this. They are not made of the stuff to look quietly on, and suffer the President of their choice and delight to be ruthlessly assailed by those who practically show themselves the worst enemies of their country’s welfare!

November 6, 1837

The draft—Over 1,500 cases have been disposed of by the Commissioner and Examining Surgeon in this County; yet on Tuesday morning there were still about 2,200 still on the list awaiting action. That number will probably not be diminished during the week—the additions keeping fully up with the number disposed of during the day. Either the draft will have to be postponed, or examinations continued after it shall have been made. Yesterday morning the Commissioner’s office was full, and at least one hundred waiting on the outside. We are informed that a majority of the cases which have come before the Surgeon during the current week have failed of their application to be stricken from the roll.

November 7, 1862

Every automobile wrecked at a grade crossing in its zigzag way westward through the Mohawk Valley is an argument in favor of reconstructing the great western turnpike – that great artery of travel a century ago which runs as the crow flies between Albany and Buffalo. It remains today unused, to the detriment of Albany, of Schenectady, Schoharie and Otsego counties, all in the Capitol district, and of others beyond. Its scenery is bewitching and its landmarks are of historic and romantic interest. Once, it opened up a wilderness, which grew and thrived and blossomed for a few short years, only to be closed again and almost forgotten, but not forever. All along its course, villages are waiting for and expecting the day when a far-sighted highway policy will give it a magician’s touch so that they will spring into life.

November 6, 1912

A rampant band of Redskins, fighting with inspired valor, tackling, blocking, running and punting with a spirit that asked and gave no quarter, beat down the attack of the Yellow Jackets of the Oneonta high school on Doubleday Field Saturday afternoon for a 7-6 victory in one of the most thrilling and masterful exhibitions of the game seen here in years. Delirious pandemonium among the crowd was unleashed when Leon “Sonny” Bailey, 16-year-old, 135-pound halfback received the kickoff immediately after Oneonta had scored, and raced 90-yards down the right side of the field for a touchdown to tie the score. Walter Eggleston, also 16, who tips the scales at 130 pounds, then shot a beautiful drop kick between the goal posts to make the winning point.

November 10, 1937

What is the cost of electricity in Cooperstown? Is it higher or lower than in other cities around the country? How much current is consumed locally per year by the average family?
The average monthly bill in Cooperstown for 100 kilowatt hours of electricity amounts to $4.65 as compared with an average of $4.06 a month for other cities in a study of 5.649 communities throughout the United States.
For families consuming 250 kilowatt hours the typical bill locally was $8.10. Elsewhere, the average cost was $7.48. For households consuming 500 kilowatt hours, the typical bill locally was $11.65 as against $10.66. An average family in Cooperstown was found to consume 2,790 kilowatt hours last year as compared with 2,140 in 1958.

November 7, 1962

The ACC Gym in Cooperstown presented awards to five members for “Conspicuous Personal Achievement” during the past year. Receiving honors were Elda Jenkins, age 67, for her efforts in Nautilus training; Steve Walker, 38, for aerobics; Dale Rothenberger, 30, for his work as a coach and triathlete; Michael Crampton, 16, who is a badminton player; and Heather Freeman, 10, a swimmer. “We want these people to know how special they are to us,” said Fitness Director Barbara Faulkner.

November 11, 1987

Though suffering a 39-0 defeat at the hands of the Onondaga Tigers in a postseason game at Liverpool, the Cooperstown Redskins ended the season with a winning 8-2 record. Billy Hribar, Jesse Torruella, Michael Kiser, Sean Field, Brian Dibble, Sean Graham and Jeremy Holmes were selected to the Section III Center State Conference Senior All-Star team.

November 8, 2002


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