Bound Volumes: April 21, 2022

Bound Volumes

April 21, 2022

A dreadful accident occurred at Amstadt, Austria — Linsky, the celebrated legerdemain performer, gave, in the presence of the family of Prince Schwartzburg Sonderhauser, a grand exhibition in which he distinguished himself by an extraordinary display of his art. Six soldiers from the garrison were induced to fire with ball cartridges at Madame Linsky, the young wife of the conjurer. They were, however, instructed, in biting the cartridge, to bite off the ball and keep it in the mouth, as they had been shown to do in a rehearsal. Madame Linsky was for a time unwilling to perform the part allotted to her in this trick; but by the persuasion of her husband, she was induced to consent. The soldiers were drawn up before the company, took aim at Madame Linsky, and fired. For a moment after the firing she remained standing upright, but the next moment she sank down saying, “Dear husband, I am shot.” One of the musket balls which had not been bitten off passed quite through her abdomen. The unfortunate woman never spoke another word and died on the second day after receiving the wound.

April 20, 1835

G. Pomeroy Keese of Cooperstown died in New York City at an early hour Friday morning, April 22. His death was very sudden and was attributed to heart failure. Mr. Keese has been truthfully referred to as Cooperstown’s most beloved citizen. Through a long life passed in Cooperstown, he had always been prominently identified with the business and social interests of the village — a man of honor and integrity. He loved the village and its environs and traditions, and his keen mind, good memory and wholesome wit were in later years deeply appreciated. Mr. Keese was born July 14, 1828, and lived here all his life with the exception of a few years when, a young man, he was away at school. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Keese, and a grand nephew of the novelist, James Fenimore Cooper.

April 23, 1910

Mrs. Paul Michaels, chairman of the anniversary committee of the Fly Creek Methodist Church, announced today that the 125th Anniversary Service of rededication will take place at 9:30 a.m., Sunday, April 24th, 125 years and one day after the church was originally incorporated in 1835. The Rev. Frederick W. Connell, pastor of the church between 1940 and 1945, who currently makes his home in Cooperstown, will be the preacher of the day. His topic will be “Hats Off to the Past, Coats Off to the Future,” and his text will be Philippians 3:13. The Rev. William A. Highfield, pastor of the church, will lead the service and assist Rev. Connell in the rededication. Mrs. James Yule is currently preparing a history of the church which will be printed and available for general distribution.

April 20, 1960

The Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home on Grove Street in Cooperstown provides long-term residential care, room and supervision for elderly individuals who, for physical or other limitations associated with age, want to live in a comfortable, supervised environment. The home is not a medical facility. To qualify for admission each applicant must be in good physical and mental health. At present, the 19 women and three men at Clara Welch include several former teachers, a nurse, executive secretary, telephone operator, dancer, banker, X-ray technician, optometrist, and several former housewives. The oldest is 102 years and the youngest is 72. Fifteen residents are over 85 years and seven are over 90.

April 24, 1985

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