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Bound Volumes

February 1, 2024


Local: Charlie Burch says it is his candid opinion from certain orders given at his jewelry store that marriage is not a failure—a good thing for the trade, certainly.
There are now 12 prisoners confined to the jail at this place, six of whom are under indictment.
John W. Shove of Mount Vision, now belongs to the “Old Guard” on the Journal subscription list, having this week made his 50th annual payment.
At the annual meeting of the Y.M.C.A. Ladies Auxiliary the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Mrs. O.H. Babbitt, president; Mrs. R. Heber White, vice-president; Miss Sadie C. Conine, secretary; Mrs. J.W. Richtmyer, treasurer.

February 1, 1889


The smoker given in the Parish House on Thursday evening was thoroughly enjoyed by the 77 members of the Christ Church who attended. The event, the first of its kind to be held, proved so successful that many expressed the desire that another be held at a future date. There was no formality connected with the affair in any way and general good fellowship prevailed throughout the entire evening. The Cooperstown orchestra consisted of W.M. Bronner and Carl Johnson, violins; Harry Ballard, cornet; L.N. Wood, flute; Charles Raubacher, bass; Prof. Allez, piano; and Ben Reisman, traps, rendered excellent music including several old-time melodies which all joined in singing. Messrs. Reisman and Johnson also sang several songs. “Seeing America First” was the title of a short talk given by the rector, Rev. Ralph Birdsall which was illustrated with stereopticon views. Cigarettes and cigars were supplied in abundance throughout the festivities.

January 28, 1914


With the steady changing of telephones in Otsego County from the manual system to the dial, another step is being taken in the march that marks the doom of the rural operator. Once firmly embedded in the traditions of rural life in America and New York State, the rural operator is passing into the legendary stage. More and more village exchanges are being cut over to the dial and the day is certain to come when they will all be dial served.
It has become one of the “tall tales” of American life that the rural operator knows more about the whereabouts of her community than anyone else.

February 1, 1939


The Ladies Auxiliary of the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital is conducting a new membership drive. There are many interesting and worthwhile jobs in the hospital to be done and the Auxiliary needs volunteers. Some of the jobs available are: feeding and playing with babies in the Pediatric Ward; reading to and wheeling children about; writing letters and reading to patients; pushing the hostess cart; serving in the coffee shop; and greeting people at the hostess desk. The Ladies Auxiliary is in charge of running the Coffee Shop under the direction of Mrs. James Bordley. Auxiliary ladies volunteer to cook a dish for each day of the month to be served in the Coffee Shop at lunch.

January 29, 1964


Lindsey Talma, a junior at Richfield Springs Central School, has become the first local student to sign on to The Freeman’s Journal Student Source Liaison Program. The SSLP is a cooperative venture between the school and the newspaper which is designed to give interested high school students a taste of the newspaper business. Students function as a source of news tips and information. Other phases of the program may involve writing and photography.

January 30, 2004


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Major League Base Ball clubs appear most favorably disposed toward playing exhibition games on historic Doubleday Field in connection with the Centennial Celebration of the National Game. Eight of the sixteen clubs of the National and American Leagues have expressed themselves. Recently, Lester G. Bursey, local program chairman, addressed invitations to the managements of all the clubs, to participate in the celebration by playing here. Replies have been received from the Cincinnati Reds, the Boston Bees, the New York Yankees, the Athletics and Phillies of Philadelphia, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the St. Louis Browns and the Chicago White Sox.
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The ceremonies attending the dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg commenced this morning by a grand military and civic display, under command of Major General Couch. The line of march was taken up at 10 o’clock, and the procession marched through the principal streets to the cemetery, where the military formed in line and saluted the President. At a quarter past 11 the head of the procession arrived at the main stand. The President and members of the cabinet, together with the chief military and civic dignitaries took positions on the stand. The President seated himself between Mr. Seward and Mr. Everett, after a reception marked with the respect and perfect silence due to the solemnity of the occasion. The assemblage was of great magnitude, and was gathered within a circle of great extent around the stand, which was located on the highest point of ground on which the battle was fought. So quiet were the people that every word uttered by the orator of the day must have been heard by them all notwithstanding the immensity of the concourse. The President then delivered the dedicatory speech: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation…”
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The Watch-Care of Daughters—Parental instinct will guide all who have children of their own in the watch-care which should be bestowed upon their daughters. It will lead them to know what they read, with whom they associate, where they spend their leisure hours. And in Christian families this watch-care will extend to the domestics in their employ. Be their best friends and advisers; place in their hands interesting and proper reading matter, especially the best class of illustrated papers; make their own quarters somewhat attractive; advise them and counsel with them, when it is called for. Churches and Sunday Schools have work to do in this direction. Better to keep one person from going astray, than attempt to reclaim a number who have erred.
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