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March 21, 2024


On Thursday morning last, between the hours of 3 and 4 o’clock, our citizens were aroused from their slumbers by the alarming cry of fire, which proved to be in the building occupied by Taylor and Graves as a Tailor’s and Barber’s shop, and had made such progress before the alarm became general, that it was impossible to save the building. The end of Messrs. Cook and Craft’s store, which stood about ten feet east, was several times on fire, but by the prompt exertions of the citizens in hastening supplies of water, and the well-directed application of it through the fire engine, united with the calmness of the weather, its desolating progress was arrested, and the whole range of buildings east to the corner saved from impending destruction. The shutters and windows in Col. Stranahan’s brick house, facing the fire, were burnt out; this building formed a barrier to the progress of the fire westward. The Ladies of the village deserve much praise for the promptitude and alacrity with which they volunteered their aid to the general exertions. They joined the ranks at an early hour, and continued during the whole time of danger, to render every assistance in their power.

March 19, 1814


The general health of the pupils of the Cooperstown Union and High School is good according to Dr. Floyd J. Atwell, school physician. The work of examining the pupils required several months as each was examined very carefully. In some cases the parents took advantage of the fact that the family physician was allowed to make the examination, but in most cases the school physician did the work. The strangest fact shown by the results is the comparatively large number of children suffering from goiter. A total number of 15 cases are reported out of a total of 428 examined, or about 1 in every 28. Of the 15 cases, 7 are in the high school.

March 18, 1914


Cooperstown listeners were thrilled Sunday evening with the coast-to-coast salute to baseball as presented over the Blue Network of the National Broadcasting Co., under the title “Cavalcade of Baseball.” The broadcast was in the form of a dramatized history of the first 100 years of the national game, originating from NBC’s New York studios in Radio City, New York with the aid and supervision of the network’s ablest dramatic artists.

March 22, 1939


The will of the late F. Ambrose Clark, who died at his Westbury, Long Island home on February 26, was filed for probate on Friday. The 30-page typewritten document listed specific cash bequests totaling $275,000 to eight individuals and two churches, paintings to four individuals and three organizations, and certain personal items to friends and members of his family. The bulk of his estate will go to his widow, Mrs. Constance Augusta Clark, to the family of his nephew, Stephen C. Clark, Jr., and to the Scriven Foundation, a family philanthropic trust.

March 18, 1964


Following a complete rebuilding that has taken nearly 12 months, The Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home will host an Open House and Celebration on Monday, April 5, from 4 to 7 p.m. “This has been a very trying year and a half for the residents and staff,” said Jane Forbes Clark, chair of the CWTH Board of Directors. “Everyone, however, is excited about moving from their temporary accommodation in the Otesaga Hotel and back into their new home.” Last year, on March 26, the historic landmark that had been undergoing a $4 to $5 million renovation burned to the ground.

March 19, 2004


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The ceremonies attending the dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg commenced this morning by a grand military and civic display, under command of Major General Couch. The line of march was taken up at 10 o’clock, and the procession marched through the principal streets to the cemetery, where the military formed in line and saluted the President. At a quarter past 11 the head of the procession arrived at the main stand. The President and members of the cabinet, together with the chief military and civic dignitaries took positions on the stand. The President seated himself between Mr. Seward and Mr. Everett, after a reception marked with the respect and perfect silence due to the solemnity of the occasion. The assemblage was of great magnitude, and was gathered within a circle of great extent around the stand, which was located on the highest point of ground on which the battle was fought. So quiet were the people that every word uttered by the orator of the day must have been heard by them all notwithstanding the immensity of the concourse. The President then delivered the dedicatory speech: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation…”
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Major League Base Ball clubs appear most favorably disposed toward playing exhibition games on historic Doubleday Field in connection with the Centennial Celebration of the National Game. Eight of the sixteen clubs of the National and American Leagues have expressed themselves. Recently, Lester G. Bursey, local program chairman, addressed invitations to the managements of all the clubs, to participate in the celebration by playing here. Replies have been received from the Cincinnati Reds, the Boston Bees, the New York Yankees, the Athletics and Phillies of Philadelphia, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the St. Louis Browns and the Chicago White Sox.
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The Watch-Care of Daughters—Parental instinct will guide all who have children of their own in the watch-care which should be bestowed upon their daughters. It will lead them to know what they read, with whom they associate, where they spend their leisure hours. And in Christian families this watch-care will extend to the domestics in their employ. Be their best friends and advisers; place in their hands interesting and proper reading matter, especially the best class of illustrated papers; make their own quarters somewhat attractive; advise them and counsel with them, when it is called for. Churches and Sunday Schools have work to do in this direction. Better to keep one person from going astray, than attempt to reclaim a number who have erred.
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